The ten most famous Irish actors are Ireland-born gentlemen who have graced big-screens worldwide. Obviously, these actors carry more than just the Luck of the Irish.

  1. Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson is an Irish actor who has played many sagely characters. Some examples of these roles include Aslan in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series, Ra’s al Ghul in “Batman Begins” and Qui-Gon Jinn in “Star Wars: Episode I.”

  2. Colin Farrell. Although once sidetracked by bad drinking habits, Colin Farrell has become one of the most recognizable actors around. This famous Irish actor starred in movies such as “Daredevil,” “Minority Report” and “In Bruges.”

  3. Pierce Brosnan. Perhaps best-known for his portrayal of super-spy James Bond, Pierce Brosnan is another popular Irish actor. He also starred in “Mamma Mia!,” a movie that is about as far from the “James Bond” series as possible. This is only proof of his versatile acting talents.

  4. Michael Gambon. Even Dumbledore has enjoyed a stroll through Ireland. Gambon, who is well-known for his role as the head wizard in the “Harry Potter” series, is an Irish actor from Cabra, Dublin. 

  5. Richard Harris. Before Michael Gambon played Dumbledore, Richard Harris held the role. Unfortunately, this Irish actor passed away in 2002. Harris left behind an impressive list of movie appearances. 

  6. Peter O’Toole. Peter O’Toole seized fame when he played T.E. Lawrence in the 1962 film “Lawrence of Arabia.” Since then, the Irish actor has remained in the spotlight, appearing in films such as Murphy’s War” and “Troy.”

  7. Cillian Murphy. Mr. Murphy hails from Cork, Ireland. This actor played The Scarecrow in “The Dark Knight” and Robert Fischer in “Inception.”

  8. Brendan Gleeson.  Brendan Gleeson has made his rounds, going from Menelaus in “Troy” to ‘Mad-Eye Moody’ in the “Harry Potter” series. This famous Irish actor also starred alongside Colin Farrell in the dark comedy “In Bruges.”

  9. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Here is a model from Ireland has also revealed strong acting talent. Meyers undertook roles in movies such as “Match Point” and “Bend It Like Beckham.”

  10. Stuart Townsend. This famous Irish actor hails from County Dublin. In addition to being a successful actor, Stuart Townsend also took on the role of director in the 2007 film “Battle in Seattle.”