In Kate Beckinsale movies, you’ll find a British beauty who appears in a wide variety of roles. Her movies range from big screen blockbusters to dramatic character studies. No matter the film, Kate Beckinsale continues to cement her status as one of the most consistent and talented actresses in Hollywood.

“Pearl Harbor”

This 2001 Michael Bay epic depicts events leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Kate Beckinsale plays a nurse who falls in love with two Army pilots played by Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett. The unlikely love triangle adds an element of romance to a movie otherwise full of action.


There aren’t many Kate Beckinsale movies that feature her in the lead role, but this 2003 fantasy film is one of them. Beckinsale plays Selene, a vampire warrior consumed in a centuries-long feud with werewolves. Things get complicated when she develops feelings for one of her adversaries.

“Van Helsing”

Kate Beckinsale stars alongside Hugh Jackman in this 2004 adventure movie. In the title role, Jackman plays a monster hunter who’s out to kill the notorious Count Dracula. As a gypsy princess with a personal grudge against Dracula, Beckinsale joins Jackman in his epic quest.

“The Aviator”

This 2004 Martin Scorsese movie takes an up-close look at the life of famous entrepreneur Howard Hughes. In the role of Hughes, Leonardo DiCaprio provides insight on his many business ventures and high-profile romances. Kate Beckinsale plays screen legend Ava Gardner, an influential figure on Hughes’s love life.

Underworld: Evolution”

Reprising her role as Selene, Kate Beckinsale once again steps into the fantasy world in this 2006 movie sequel. This time around, Beckinsale teams with a lycan hybrid to examine the origins of their species’s feud. The investigation sets the stage for an epic battle between the vampires and werewolves.


In a relative departure from other Kate Beckinsale movies, the actress participates in some comedic material in this 2006 film. Adam Sandler plays an overworked architect who discovers a remote that can control his life. Beckinsale is his wife and she appears in plenty of different situations throughout Sandler’s time-traveling exploits.

Laurel Canyon”

Clashing attitudes and lifestyles take a prominent role in this 2002 Kate Beckinsale movie. She plays Alex, the conservative fiancée of Christian Bale’s psychiatrist character. When the couple moves in with Bale’s libertine mother, personal relationships begin to deteriorate throughout a plot filled with drama and dark humor.


This 2001 Kate Beckinsale movie examines the role fate plays in romantic relationships. Beckinsale stars alongside John Cusack in a story of two people who are otherwise involved, but can’t stop thinking about each other after their chance encounter. Years later, they attempt to track each other down, hoping fate will work for them instead of against their unlikely union.


An ominous motel is the setting for this 2007 movie. Kate Beckinsale stars as a motel guest, spending the evening there with her husband after their car breaks down. When they realize that the hotel is the location of some real-life horror movies, the couple desperately attempts an escape.


In this 2009 crime thriller, Kate Beckinsale is a race against time. She plays a US Marshal at a research station in Antarctica. After a murder victim is discovered, Beckinsale has to piece together a motive and a perpetrator before the onslaught of the season’s first snowstorm.