Would you like to know who the 10 highest paid male actors are these days? It's not just about the pay, you can be sure these men truly love acting. This article will tell you everything you want to know about Hollywood's biggest male stars and the mega dollars each one brings in.

  1.  Will Smith ($80 million). Smith began his career as a rapper, and as an actor, he turns out blockbuster after blockbuster. Smith's thriller "I Am Legend" grossed $585 million, and more than half of it came from an overseas audience.

  2. Johnny Depp ($72 million). Johnny's acting earned him an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Sweeney Todd in the $154 million grossing movie of the same name. Johnny is also Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" series.

  3. Eddie Murphy ($55 million). Eddie can be media shy, but on the set of a movie the actor is a one man show, often times playing several characters. His comedy film "Norbit" grossed $160 million.

  4. Mike Myers ($55 million). Mike's role in the animated film "Shrek The Third" earned him close to $50 million. The actor has also done well portraying other franchise characters such as Austin Powers and Wayne Campbell.

  5. Leonardo DiCaprio ($45 million). Three of this actor's last five movies were nominated for Best Picture. Leonardo has the unique ability of getting $20 million offers for R rated dramas.

  6. Bruce Willis ($41 million). Age hasn't stopped this action hero actor from packing theaters. His movie "Live Free Or Die Hard" earned $380 million.

  7. Ben Stiller ($40 million). One of Ben's worst performing movies to date, "The Heartbreak Kid," still grossed $37 million in the U.S. alone. The actor had two blockbuster films to follow, "Night At The Museum 2," and "Tropic Thunder."

  8. Nicholas Cage ($38 million). Cage produced and acted in the gangster movie "Bangkok Dangerous." Fans packed the theaters for his sequel to "National Treasure: "Book Of Secrets," which grossed $450 million.

  9. Will Ferrell ($31 million). Will Ferrell is one of the most reliable comedic actors in Hollywood these days. He is also the founder of a user-generated video web site called Funny or Die.

  10. Adam Sandler ($30 million). Th Saturday Night Live alumnus has become successful at both comedy and drama movies. The actor is also producing an updated version of the 70s classic "The Gong Show" for Comedy Central.