Want to know who the 10 highest paid Hollywood actors are? Well, great! This article will provide you with a list of the top paid actors in Hollywood via many entertainment sources. While it's fun to sit back and watch a movie from your favorite actor, you don't know just how much work they put in at the office to make sure millions of fans of entertained.

  1. Will Smith. Mr. Smith is worth $80 million, and gets at least $20 million for each movie or production that he stars in. This is a huge amount of money, and Will Smith is definitely on the right track when it comes to earning money in Hollywood.

  2. Johnny Depp. Mr. Depp comes in second at number two earning $78 million. This actor has seen the best and worst of Hollywood and earns his keep very well. Who knew played a pirate could land you in such a gold mine.

  3. Eddie Murphy. In 2008, it was estimated that Eddie Murphy earns $55 million. Eddie Murphy stays out of the headlines, most of the time. His biggest role seems to have been "The Nutty Professor." Not bad at all, Eddie.

  4. Mike Myers. This is another man in Hollywood that surely knows how to make a buck. It's estimated that Myers is worth $55 million, and it only seems to be growing year by year. Keep it up, Myers.

  5. Cameron Diaz. This Hollywood actress is burning up the screens everywhere with her good looks, and keeping the bank up with her famous roles. It's estimated that Ms. Diaz is worth a whopping $50 million and maybe a little more.

  6. Leonardo DiCapro. Leo made it big back in the day, and has only skyrocketed ever since his younger years. This leading man is worth $45 million so far. He still has many years ahead to bust the bank wide open.

  7. Bruce Willis. Not only does this man have muscle, but he has big bucks. Willis is estimated worth $41 million. He's seen the best of his days in "Die Hard," but the investment seems to be worthwhile, wouldn't you think so?

  8. Ben Stiller. He's a funny guy and he's worth a fortune. What could be better? Stiller's worth is somewhere around $40 million and could possibly be tripled in the next few years. Ben Stiller seems to have a way with the movies.

  9. Nicholas Cage. This action packed, thrill seeking junkie seems to be worth quite a few bucks. It's estimated that Nicholas Cage is worth $38 million. As long as he keeps making insanely awesome movies, his bank account will keep growing.

  10. Keira Knightly. This radiant woman seems to have hit the jackpot with the famous Pirates movie franchise. It's estimated that Knightly is worth $32 million and will only continue to soar. Man, you got to love those pirates!