Funny movie character names help in part to make some films more hilarious or enjoyable. This list features some of the funniest movie character names of all time from cult classic, comedies, parodies, and more. Here are 10 funny movie character names from some of the  top films:

  1. Riff Raff. Riff Raff is the handyman in the 1975 cult classic film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Played by Richard O'Brien who also wrote the original musical play and the screenplay (along with Jim Sharman), Riff Raff is a servant to Dr. Frank N. Furter, another hilarious character from the film.

  2. Ben Dover. Randal 'Tex' Cobb's character Ben Dover in the film "Fletch Lives" is one of the most hilarious of funny movie character names. Ben Dover stands out amongst all of the others in this 1989 film starring Chevy Chase.

  3. Yoghurt. Mel Brooks plays Yoghurt (as well as President Skroob) in the classic 1987 film "Spaceballs." The movie is a comedic parody of the original "Star Wars" trilogy.

  4. Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr. Dr. Michael Hfuhrhurr is the world's greatest neurosurgeon in "The Man with Two Brains." The 1983 film's title character is played by a hilarious Steve Martin.

  5. Alotta Fagina. In a film with many funny movie character names, Fabiana Udenio's Alotta Fagina stands out. In the 1997 film "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," Alotta Fagina is introduced as Number Two's secretary.

  6. Mr. Fukov. Mr. Fukov, played by Janne Torssonen in "Star Wreck II: The Old Sh*t," is just one of the funny movie character names in the movie. The film is actually part of a Finnish parody series that pokes fun at the American "Star Trek" series.

  7. Flipper Purify. Flipper Purify is played by Wesley Snipes in 1991's "Jungle Fever. The film, directed by Spike Lee, stars Snipes alongside Annabella Sciorra who plays Angella "Angie" Tucci in the movie.

  8. Pistachio Disguisey. As one of the best funny movie character names, Pistachio Disguisey is played by hilarious Dana Carvey in "The Master of Disguise." The comedy also features Grandfather Disguisey, Mother Disguisey, and Fabbrizio Disguisey among its characters, as well.

  9. Mister Senor Love Daddy. Played by Samuel L. Jackson, Mister Senor Love Daddy is a character in another one of Spike Lee's films, 1989's "Do the Right Thing." The film takes place on the hottest day of summer in a Brooklyn neighborhood where tension is growing amongst the characters.

  10. Napolean Dynamite. The title character of the film "Napolean Dynamite," played by Jon Heder, is a peculiar high school student who attempts to help his friend Pedro become the student body president. The 2004 film quickly became a cult classic, even with it's unrecognizable cast and low budget.