Despite it being a year that did not favor the movie fan, there were certainly plenty of memorable characters to appear on the silver screen in 2010. Children of the 80s even got to see their favorite action stars, The A-Team, make a return to public consciousness.

  1. Murdock from “The A-Team.” The portrayal of the mad captain in the movie is far better than the way he was portrayed in the series. This is in part due to the over-the-top nature that the larger screen allowed the character to get away with.

  2. Hannbal from “The A-Team.” Anyone who quotes Indian leader Gandhi to justify having B.A. Baracus kill somebody deserves to get named as one of the coolest movie characters of 2010.

  3. Gru from “Despicable Me.” An evil mastermind mad scientist voiced by the manager on the Office makes the list of the best movie characters of 2010. How can this very pulp-fiction type character not be on the coolest list? His assistant with the hearing problem who produces the fart gun also deserves an honorable mention.

  4. Megan Fox's Character in “Jonah Hex.” Even if the viewer can't remember what her characters name was, they will remember she was in it. For some men, it may have been the only thing in the movie worth watching. Be honest: Even if you were a fan of the comic, were you paying attention to what Hex was doing?

  5. War Machine from “Iron Man.” Hey, who doesn't want their own suit of armor that shoots missiles? He'd be the coolest movie character of 2010 if he'd gone solo.

  6. The Nightfury from “How to Drain Your Dragon.”  It is tempting to name Hiccup instead, but the dragon was the real star. Do not watch at night if you have a black cat with deep yellow eyes who likes to stare at you when you wake up in the morning.

  7. Mr. Han from "The Karate Kid.” Jackie Chan is not Mister Miyagi, but he sure can teach Will Smith's kid Kung Fu. The overall themes of the stories are the same, even if they took place in different countries. The most important question is why is this movie called "The Karate Kid"?

  8. Megamind from “Megamind.” Another villain who turns out not to be the villain in the end. Sadly, Will Farell's character almost didn't make the best movie characters of 2010 list.

  9. Rumpelstiltskin from “Shrek Forever After.” He may be rude, crude and obnoxious, but he throws some really great parties, making him one of the best movie characters of 2010.

  10. Jacob from “Twilight.” Okay, there are probably better characters to pick from Twilight if one of the characters had to be on the list. Sadly, the author's attempts to sleep through the movie while his niece watched it were ruined by hundreds of screaming teenagers.