Even a decade ago, there were not many openly gay actors for us to make a list of the 10 best young gay actors. However, times have changed and now actors are able to be open about their sexuality and still be able to find work.

  1. Neil Patrick Harris He kills as obsessive womanizer Barney Stinson on the hit TV show "How I Met Your Mother" and as the tragic Dr. Horrible in the web musical of the same name. His fantastic screen presence and comedic timing make him one of the best young gay actors working today.

  2. Heather Matarazzo This young gay actor got her start as the protagonist of the grim teen film "Welcome to the Dollhouse." You can catch more recent performances in the Canadian sitcom "Exes and Ohhs" and in movies like "Hostel 2."

  3. Sean Hayes Audiences first saw him as the effervescent Jack on "Will and Grace." This young gay actor proved his versatility as an actor on the stage in the critically acclaimed "Promises, Promises."

  4. Leisha Hailey This young gay actor not only sparkled on the TV screen as the perky Alice on "The L Word," she is also a talented musician who had a successful single with her former band, The Murmurs.

  5. Eric Millegan This actor lends a needed vulnerable and comedic touch to dramatic roles. He left to pursue opportunities in theater. We're looking for more from "Bones" and "King of the Lab."

  6. Kristanna Loken She was tough and sexy as the lead of the short-lived series "Painkiller Jane." We're looking forward to more from this hot and talented young gay actor.

  7. T. R. Knight As Dr. Wallace on "Grey's Anatomy," he was self-effacing and charming. He showed remarkable poise coming out as a young gay actor after his confrontation with costar Isaiah Washington.

  8. Amber Heard A lot of male hearts broke when they learned that this "Zombieland" hottie was as into girls as they were. Relax, boys. Realistically, you have as much chance with her now as you ever did and this young gay actor remains as pleasurable as ever to watch.

  9. Chad Allen He's best known for his role on "Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman." Since then, this young gay actor has been a charming and reliable presence as a guest on a number of TV shows.

  10. Michelle Rodriguez She's as tough as she is sexy. We loved this young gay actor as the soldier, Rain, in "Resident Evil" as much as we did as the enigmatic cop Ana Cortez on "Lost."