The 10 best young filmmakers have worked hard for a large part of their adult lives to accomplish the dreams they have had since probably seeing their first movie. Can you envision a young child in awe, thinking and believing, “I am going to make this magic” and doing just that?

  1. Jody Lee Lipes is a young New York-based filmmaker whose first full screenplay “Confederacy” was well-received and earned him the honor of having his work selected for the 2011 Sundance Screenwriters Lab. He can be linked with a wide variety of projects, including “NY Export: Opus Jazz,” “Brock Enright,” “Good Times Will Never be the Same Again” and “Martha Marcy May Marlene.” With an extensive resume despite his young age, he is classed by many in the industry as one of the best young filmmakers of 2010.  

  2. Ry Russo-Young won the 2009 Gotham Independent Film Award with her movie “You Won’t Miss Me.” Her other works include “Marion,” “Orphans,” “Peepshow” and “Wide Berth.” Her proven versatility and devotion is a result of hard work. Having studied both acting and photography, this young filmmaker has been screened at galleries, colleges and film festivals worldwide.  

  3. Henry Joost is cited as director, cinematographer and producer in a variety of extraordinary movies and documentaries. These include “Catfish,” “11/4/08,” “Go Get Some Rosemary,” “Treasure” and “Wade in the Water.” As one of the best young filmmakers of 2010, this youngster is making people sit up in their chairs and take note.  

  4. Ariel Schulman is a young and vibrant art director, actor and producer, probably best known for her contribution to “Catfish.” However, her sterling resume includes many works of cinematic excellence such as “December Ends,” “Ai,” “If You See Something, Say Something” and “The Adventures of Slater’s Friend.” 

  5. Antonio Campos hails from New York and has won the Cannes Film Festival Cinefondation Award as well as the Las Vegas International Film Festival’s Audience Award. With a large number of creations under his belt, he will be well remembered for “Two Gates of Sleep,” “Afterschool” and “Pandora.” His passion earns him a place in the best young filmmakers list of 2010.  

  6. Daryl Wein is a multi-award winning filmmaker based in New York. He graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts for Drama. His debut feature film “Breaking Upwards” was widely acclaimed.  

  7. Lena Dunham wrote, directed and starred in her second film “Tiny Furniture,” which bowled over critics and won her many accolades. She studied at Oberlin College, has a degree in Creative Writing and grew up in SoHo. This serious youngster who graces the best young filmmakers list of 2010 is destined to become one of the all-time greats.  

  8. Josh and Benny Safdie are two inseparabl brothers who will be mentioned as one unit of filmmaking excellence. The bug bit them because their father was a compulsive homevideo maker which used to irk them as young children. They worked together on a project called “Daddy Longlegs,” which is based on their father and their life growing up. The movie premiered at Cannes and was showing at the IFC Center in Manhattan.  

  9. Christopher Nolan is a London-born filmmaker who started his journey into the best young filmmakers list of 2010 at the tender age of 7 with the family camcorder and his action figurines. He studied English Literature at the University College in London and churned out exemplary works such as “Batman Returns,” “The Dark Night” and “Momento.” Out of 44 award nominations, he has won 41.  

  10. Sofia Coppola is known for her contributions to films such as “Lost in Translation,” “Marie Antoinette,” “Somewhere” and “The Virgin Suicides.” This New Yorker won an Oscar and solidly earned herself the title as one of the best young filmmakers of 2010.

This is the future of filmmaking: vibrant, fresh and full of new ideas. Each one of these young filmmakers of 2010 should be watched over the next few years. They are going somewhere, somewhere great.