The 10 best topless movie stars have done scenes that most guys remember for the rest of their lives. No matter how classy a topless scene tries to be, it is still an actress taking off her top. When it comes to topless actresses, these are the ten best topless movie stars of all time.

  1. Salma Hayek. Salma Hayek is a brunette beauty with a captivating accent. Her best topless scene is in the movie "Frida" (2002) where she also indulges the audience with her first lesbian scene.

  2. Demi Moore. Few topless movie scenes were as highly anticipated as Demi Moore's scene in the movie "Striptease" (1996). The highly anticipated scene catapulted Demi Moore into the list of the ten best topless movie stars of all time.

  3. Elizabeth Berkley. When Elizabeth Berkley was starring in the television show "Saved By The Bell" (1989-1993), she was one of those actresses that guys wished was on the list of ten best topless movie stars but was not likely to actually be there. Many a young men's dream came true when Berkley showed it all in the movie "Showgirls" (1995).

  4. Alyssa Milano. Alyssa Milano started out as the cute little girl on the Tony Danza television series "Who's The Boss?" (1984-1992). She joined the ranks of the ten best topless movie stars when she showed how much she had grown up in the movie "Embrace of the Vampire" (1995). Her lesbian scene in this movie is one of the most erotic scenes of all time.

  5. Angelina Jolie. It seems that Angeline Jolie has been topless more often than not in her movies. One of her more memorable topless scenes was in the movie "Gia" (1998).

  6. Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn never appeared topless in any of her movies, but she is a movie star that was seen topless. One of her first modeling jobs was as a calendar pin-up girl where she was photographed topless.

  7. Christina Ricci. You cannot have a list of the ten best topless movie stars without including Christina Ricci. She bared her beautiful chest in the movie "Prozac Nation" (2001). It should have won an Oscar.

  8. Denise Richards. Actress Denise Richards is known for her beauty and her perfect breasts. When she appeared topless in "Wild Things" (1998), she took her place on the list of the ten best topless movie stars of all time.

  9. Halle Berry. Topless actress enthusiasts will forever be grateful to the movie "Monster's Ball" (2001) because it brought Halle Berry into the world of the topless actress. Her erotic scene with Billy Bob Thornton in this movie is one to remember.

  10. Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie Lee Curtis was always known for having a great body, and she was not shy about showing it off. In the movie "Trading Places" (1983), she becomes one of the elite topless movie stars in Hollywood.