10 Best Old Hollywood Actors

Sunday, September 11 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 best old Hollywood actors set the standards that all younger actors today strive to reach. These legends of yesterday won awards and proved to be some of the most talented performers cinema may ever see. Whether dramatic actors or comedic masters, these are the men that started it all.

  1. Clark Gable – Clark Gable worked in film from 1923-1960 and is one of the best old Hollywood actors in cinema history. He became famous with his role in the classic “Gone with the Wind” and became one of the best box office stars of the ‘30s.
  2. Gregory Peck – Gregory Peck will always be known as the man who portrayed one of the greatest heroes in cinema history, Atticus Finch in 1962’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Peck is one of the best old Hollywood actors, winning an Academy Award for that performance.
  3. Paul Newman &ndash Paul Newman began his career as a sex symbol with performances in movies like “The Hustler.” However, he moved past that distinction and remains one of the best old Hollywood actors, earning nine Academy Award nominations.
  4. Humphrey Bogart – Humphrey Bogart is often referred to as one of the best old Hollywood actors, his most popular role in “Casablanca.” He earned three Best Actor nomination at the Oscars, winning only one for his role in “The African Queen.”
  5. Marlon Brando – Much like Paul Newman, Marlon Brando began his career as a sex symbol in movies like “On the Waterfront.” However, he became one of the greatest method actors of all time and soon gained worldwide acclaim for his role in “The Godfather.”
  6. James DeanJames Dean only appeared in three movies but is still regarded as one of the best old Hollywood actors. He gained critical acclaim for his role as the rebel in “Rebel Without a Cause” and then proved he was more than a pretty face with his turn in “Giant.”
  7. Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin is one of the silent era’s best old Hollywood actors. Chaplin was an icon thanks to his roles in movies like “City Lights” and “Modern Times” and his role as The Tramp. His first “talkie” movie was the amazing war comedy, “The Great Dictator.”
  8. Buster Keaton – Alongside Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton remains one of the best old Hollywood actors to come out of the silent era. Much like Chaplin, Keaton was a comedy master. His most popular hits were movies like “The General” and “Sherlock Jr.”
  9. James Cagney – James Cagney perfected the gangster movie four decades before “The Godfather” was ever filmed. One of the best old Hollywood actors, Cagney made his name as the wise cracking gangster but won his only Oscar for the musical, “Yankee Doodle Dandy.”
  10. Kirk DouglasKirk Douglas, the father of Michael Douglas, remains one of the best old Hollywood actors, in a career that stretched over six decades. After standout movies like “Paths of Glory” and “Spartacus,” Douglas received an honorary Oscar for his work in 1996.

-Shawn Lealos

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