This list of 10 best Mexican American actors represent the top Mexican-American guys in show business. You know Jessica Alba and Selma Hayak, but there's a strong male Mexican-American presence in Hollywood, too. 

  1. Anthony Quinn. Quinn won an Oscar for 1956's "Lust for Life" and again for "Viva Zapata!" The Cecil B. Demille award-winning actor also won critical acclaim for his roles in "Zorba the Greek" and "Lawrence of Arabia." 

  2. George Lopez. This successful Mexican-American actor and comedian found hits with his self-titled television show and his stand-up comedy. Lopez now hosts and produces the late-night talk show "Lopez Tonight."

  3. Cheech Marin. Marin has come a long way since the 1970's classic "Up in Smoke." In addition to providing the voice in hit Disney films, Marin has also had roles on "Lost" and "Judging Amy."

  4. Edward James Olmos. After spending six years on the set of Miami Vice, Olmos received critical acclaim for his Oscar-nominated role in "Stand and Deliver." Olmos went on to win awards along with fans' hearts for his role on the Syfy series "Battlestar Galactica."

  5. Jay Hernandez. This good-looking Mexican-American actor starred in movies like "Crazy/Beautiful," "Quarantine," and "Hostel."

  6. Edward Furlong. Furlong's breakthrough role was playing John Connor in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." The actor later went on to headline "Detroit Rock City" and "American History X."

  7. Raymond Cruz. While Cruz had roles in "Training Day" and "Clear and Present Danger," the LA-based Mexican-American actor is perhaps best known for his roles on TV series like "Breaking Bad," "The Closer," and "My Name is Earl."

  8. Michael Peña. This Chicago-raised Mexican-American actor scored roles in "Crash," "Million Dollar Baby, "Lions for Lambs," and "World Trade Center."

  9. Jesse Borrego. Borrego first made it big on NBC's television series, "Fame." He continued his television legacy with roles in "24" and "Dexter."

  10. Danny Trejo. Trejo is one of the hardest-working and busiest actors in Hollywood today. Trejo's resume is miles long, with appearances in "Grindhouse," "Machete," "Con Air," "From Dusk 'Til Dawn," Battle for Terra," and "Anaconda."