The 10 best Mexican actors include some familiar names to Americans, as well as some unfamiliar ones. And one (George Lopez) is probably better known for his comedy and late night TV show. Yet all of these men are fine actors.

  1. Anthony Quinn Mr. Quinn was from Chihuahua, Mexico. Folks mostly know him from "Lawrence of Arabia." He won two Oscars before passing away in 2001. Quinn was also a great Broadway actor. He played Stanley Kowalski in "A Streetcar Named Desire."

  2. Ricardo Montalban There's more to Montalban than that line about "rich Corinthian leather" and "Fantasy Island." He's was also a mighty fine actor. Montalban was also featured memorably in "A Naked Gun."

  3. Edward James Olmos Nominated for an Oscar for "Stand and Deliver," Edward James Olmos has always stood and delivered his best. He first dreamed of being a baseball player and then a rock star, but acting has been very good to him.

  4. Mario Van Peebles It make perfect sense that Mario Van Peebles starred in "Baadasssss!" in 2003. He's always played a great badass. He's a great Mexican-American actor. He's also probably as tough in real life, as in film.

  5. Gael Garcia Bernal Gael Garcia Bernal is a true Mexican actor. But he passed for a Cuban in the wonderful 2004 indie film "The Motorcycle Diaries." That film was set during revolutionary Cuba. This was both an historical movie and a road film.

  6. George Lopez Sure, he's that funny late night host now, but he had his own network sitcom at one time. He can also be seen in a number of funny films. He was also a voice talent as Pipi in "Beverly Hills Chihuahua."

  7. Danny Trejo Danny Trejo can play rough characters because he had a rough childhood. He spent time in prison and succeeded at boxing. He went on to win the Best Actor award for 2008's "Valley of Angels."

  8. Cheech Marin If you think no good thing can come out of the comedy duo of Cheech & Chong, you're wrong. Cheech Marin can do more than just get laughs with drug humor. He even wrote the screenplay for "Born in East L.A." in which he also starred.

  9. Carlos Gallardo Gallardo may be best known for "El Mariachi," which he made for only $7,000. That's low budget, even by used car standards! The film also won an Independent Spirit Award.

  10. Kuno Becker Americans may only know Kuno Becker as a patient on the TV show "House," but Becker has been in a ton of Mexican films. He's probably most famous in his home country for the film "Soñadoras."