The 10 best martial arts actors all have a great combination of physical skills and screen charisma. They come from many different backgrounds, and different parts of the world.  Some of them may not be amazing actors in the conventional sense, but they all have the ability to captivate an audience and impress us with their talents.


  1. Bruce Lee – This guy is the king of all martial arts actors. His speed and skill on screen is legendary. One of his best films is “Enter the Dragon”.

  2. Chuck Norris – He was an American counterpart to Bruce Lee and eventually he developed a wonderful career of his own. He’s been in several great movies, and one of the best is “A Force of One”.

  3. Jackie Chan – He is easily the most skilled stunt man on this list of martial arts actors. One of his better performances can be seen in “Police Story”.

  4. Jet Li – Ever since he started, he’s shown more natural acting ability than most martial arts actors. One of his best roles is in the movie “Hero”.

  5. Jean Claude Van Damme – This Belgian former kickboxer has an incredible talent for the martial arts. His most enjoyable film from a martial arts perspective is “Bloodsport”

  6. Steven Seagal – He brought the grappling oriented art Aikido to the big screen and became a star. His best film is “Hard to Kill”.

  7. Sho Kosugi – This guy was the more important than any other martial arts actors during the 1980s ninja movie craze. His best movie is “Revenge of the Ninja”.

  8. Brandon Lee – Bruce Lee’s son had a tragically short life, but he made some really great martial arts movies before he died, as well as some more conventional films. His best martial arts performance is in “Showdown in Little Tokyo”.

  9. Sonny Chiba – He is one of the most famous Japanese martial arts actors. “The Streetfighter” is one of his best martial arts performances.

  10. Cynthia Rothrock -  She showed that great martial arts actors didn’t have to be men. “China O'Brien” was one of her best starring roles, and it spawned a sequel.