The 10 best male Hollywood actors have stood the test of time and taken places in men's hearts-as well as women's-with superb acting or over the top stunts. Hollywood will never forget these names, or the movies that were fortunate enough to be graced with them.

  1. Sylvester Stallone: Between "Rocky," "Rambo," "Cobra" and a host of other cult classics, Sylvester Stallone has to go down as one of the ten best male Hollywood actors. Not that he can act that well, but he certainly looks good wielding a gun, ripping off some Thai guy's throat or copping around town in a squad car.

  2. Bruce Willis: Not to be outdone by Sly, Bruce Willis has a host of his own best movies, including the entire "Die Hard" series and "The Whole Nine Yards." He's the one actor who can pull off hair and no hair, depending on the role. 

  3. Charles Bronson: The man who played himself somehow managed to pull off a cowboy in "Magnificent Seven" and "Once Upon a Time in the West" and a conscientious-objector-turned-vigilante-on-a-mission in the "Death Wish" installments.

  4. Kiefer Sutherland: From playing a mullet-haired vampire in "The Lost Boys" to a detective in "24," Kiefer proves he has his daddy's talent-and plenty of his own attitude-to stand the test of time.

  5. Gerard Butler: For someone who started out his career as a failed British attorney, he's done pretty well for himself. Now he's one of the best male Hollywood actors and stars in movies like "The Ugly Truth" and "Gamer."

  6. Chuck Norris: No best male Hollywood actor list is complete with Chuck Norris. Like Stallone, he's not known for his acting as much as for his beat-em-up abilities that made him so famous.

  7. Christian Bale: He does a good job playing psychos. Of course, some psychos are better than others, like his Dark Knight character, who really isn't a psycho but seems like one to the rest of the world. 

  8. Clint Eastwood: Mostly known for westerns and "Dirty Harry," Eastwood is not only one of the best male actors but also one of the best directors. "Gran Torino" is one of his last films and features a rather sad ending for such a legend.

  9. James Caan: The man who will forever be known as Sonny Corleone from "The Godfather" also plays a pretty good mob boss in "Mickey Blue Eyes" alongside Hugh Grant. It doesn't hurt that he gave birth to an equally talented actor, Scott Caan.

  10. Gene Hackman: He retired too early. Hollywood needs more like Gene Hackman to play the good guy you love to hate or the bad guy you hate to love.