Who are the 10 best Kung Fu actors of all time? They made us want to jump in there and do some Kung Fu kicking of our own. Often, we thought we were right there in the movie performing the action with them. Some were such good Kung Fu Martial Artist, we followed them through every movie made.

  1. Bruce Lee. Born during 1940, the year of the dragon, Bruce Lee was the Father of American Martial Arts. His formal training was under Wing Chung Master, Yip Man. He owned his own Martial Arts school, The Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute. He trained James Coburn and Steve McQueen among many other Hollywood stars.  

  2. Jean-Claude Van Damme. He fought some of the best kickboxing fights in the ring today. Some of his best movies were:"Kickboxer," "Double Impact," "Lionheart" and "Timecop."

  3. Steven Segal. As a child, he was fascinated with Martial Arts and the blues. As a young boy, he mastered Martial Arts and became a 7th degree black belt along with mastering Aikido. Some of his best movies were: "Hard to Kill," "Under Siege," "Executive Decision" and "Exit Wounds."

  4. Jackie Chan. While enrolled in the China Academy, Chan learned martial arts, singing, acrobats and acting. While there, he also made his acting debut in "The Seven Little Fortunes." A list of movies to his credit are: "Drunken Master," Fearless Hyena," "Snake in Eagle's Shadow" and the "Rush Hour" series.

  5. Jet li. At the age of 8, Jet Li began studying martial arts. He was selected by the Chinese government to represent the country performing Martial Arts in over 45 countries. Movies to his credit are: "The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor," "The Warlords," "Fearless" and "Hero." 

  6. Sean Faris. Young to the game, he has quite a history behind him. He has worked with Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck and Jeff Bridges among othersHe starred in "Never Back Down," a movie which chronicles the return home of Jake Tyler where he is challenged by a bully. After a humiliating fight, he learns martial arts and from there, he regains his self esteem becoming the victor.  

  7. Jimmy Wang Yu. His acting in the movie "One-Armed Swordsman" catapulted him to super stardom. Films to his credit are: "Eighteen Springs," "Stand Behind the Yellow Line," "Island of Fire" and "Clash Of the Professionals."

  8. David Chiang and Ti Lung. Tagged as the best duo ever to grace martial arts, they starred together in "Five Fingers of Death" immediately becoming American favorites. A few other movies they starred in are: "Vengeance," "One-Armed Swordsman" and "Duel of the Iron Fist."

  9. Yuen Biao. Regarded as one of the most acrobatic martial artist ever, he is characterized as being as good as or better than Jackie Chan or even Jet Li. He starred in movies such as "Za Jia Xiao Zi,"  "The Prodigal Son" and "Jackie Chan's Project A."

  10. David Carradine. David Carradine appeared in one hundred eighteen films, thirty two plays and twenty seven television movies. He played the starring role of Caine in the "Kung Fu" series made for television which introduced many to the arts of Asian Martial Arts and the Chinese Philosophy. He starred in three iconic television movies: "Kung Fu," "The Way of the Dragon" and "Kung Fu the Movie."