Looking for the 10 best Korean male actors? South Korean produces many Korean dramas each year that are quickly gaining international popularity. Male Korean actors are often selected for their appearance and physique, which is often considered a bit more muscular and toned when compared to other Asian male actors.

Won Bin:

Won Bin received a Best Actor award in 2010 at the 8thAnnual Korean Film Awards for his role in the movie “The Man From Nowhere.”  Born in 1977, Won Bin is the youngest of five children with three older sisters and an older brother. Won Bin lends his name and image to a site called Bin’s Avenue where fans can purchase a variety of items showing his picture.

Lee Byung Hun:

Lee was seen in the American movie G.I. Joe, created after the classic cartoon show and toys of the same name. Lee portrayed Storm Shadow in the film. He is also a prominent movie actor in Korean films and holds a Master of Arts degree in Theater and Cinematography.


Rain is well-known as a Korean Pop idol or singer who started engaging in a sort of rivalry with American comedian and show host Stephen Colbert. Rain made the transition over to acting while successfully maintaining his singing career. He has been in Korean films and dramas as well as the American movies "Speed Racer" and "Ninja Assassin". Rain is the first Korean to win an MTV award, which he received for his role in "Ninja Assassin".

Jang Dong Gun:

Starring in the Korean movie Friend in 2000, Jang Dung Gun became quite popular as this was the highest revenue grossing Korean film at the time. He then went on, in 2004, to star in Taegukgi Hwinallimyo which broke all Korean movie records. MovieWeek, an entertainment magazine in South Korea, labeled Jang Dong Gun one of the top ten most beautiful Korean actors (male).

Ahn Sung Ki:

Though slightly older than the other top Korean male actors, Ahn Sung Ki is called the “National Best Actor of Korea” and has been acting since he was a child. For his role in Teenager’s Rebellion in 1960, Ahn Sung Ki was awarded a San Francisco International Film Festival award for best child actor. He has been in more than a hundred films over the past three decades and twice has portrayed the Korean President in films; first in the Romantic President in 2002 and the in The Korean Peninsula in 2006.

Kwon Sang Woo:

Beginning his career as a male model in Korea, Kwon Sang Woo has starred in martial arts movies like "Volcano High" in 2001 and comedies like "Make it Big Together" (2002) and "My Tutor Friend" (2003). He also appeared in the movie "My Good Partner", the first movie made exclusively for cell phones.

Kang Dong Won:

Ranked number seven of MovieWeek’s top ten most beautiful Korean male actors, Kang Dong Won is a well-known Korean male actor and also popular in Japan for his young, gentle appearance. He has studied mechanical engineering at a Korean university and gone back to college to study film.

Kim Rae Won:

Like so many other male Korean actors, Kim Rae Won began as a male model. He received significant recognition throughout the early 2000s. In 2009, Kim Rae Won enlisted in the Korean army for his mandatory tour of duty of two years. Fans flocked to see him off as he started his military service.

Ha Jung Woo:

Staring in "The Yellow Sea", Ha Jung Woo received a Best Actor award at the Asian Film Awards in 2011. During his mandatory military service time he appeared in 10 military recruiting films the made his entertainment debut in "Madeleine" (2002). Signing with a new agency that changed his professional name in 2005, he began to see much greater roles and popularity.

Jang Geun Suk:

Winning several awards and recognition for recent work, Jang Geun Suk is a very popular Korean male actor, singer, and model. His most popular recent works include two Korean dramas, "Mary Stayed Out All Night" (2010) and "You’re Beautiful" (2009). His youthful appearance makes him quite popular with female fans.