Would you like to know who the 10 best Korean actors are? This answers just that question. From Korea to America, these Korean actors are making a mark in film history.

  1. Joo Ji Hoon. Best known for portraying Prince Lee Shin in "Princess Hours", which was his acting debut.

  2. Jang Dong-Gun. Jang won an Actor award for his role as a dedicated cop in "Nowhere to Hide."

  3. Lee Dong Wook. Lee has been voted Koreans sexiest man a few times. He also stars in the very popular drama, My Girl.

  4. Bae Yong Joon. Bae is a South Korean actor best known for his numerous roles in television dramas. 

  5. Kwon Sang Woo. Kwon became known through his movie, "My Tutor Friend" and "Sad Love Story." 

  6. Kim Hee Chul. Kim is a multi talented person. Kim is an actor, presenter, dick jockey, and a member of the popular 13 member boy band, Super Junior. 

  7. Kang Dong Won. Kang got his break when a modeling agent spotted him on the street. His debut was in "Too Beautiful Too Lie."

  8. Yoo Geon. Yoo was ranked #9 on Korea's 100 most eligible bachelors. He first stared in a television series, "One Percent of Anything."

  9. Chooi Shi Won. Chooi is best known for his role in Hong Kong historical action film, "A Battle Of Wits." He is also a member of the band, Super Junior.

  10. Lee Dong Gun. Lee started his career in 1998 as a singer and an actor, he has given up on his singing to focus more on acting. His debut was in "Born To Fly." He is currently listed in the military.