The 10 best Jewish American actors include actors familiar for playing Jewish roles, and others likely not so famous for their ethnic roots. However, they're all great actors.

  1. Sacha Baron Cohen -- Perhaps being Jewish allows Sacha Baron Cohen to get away with some of his more extreme antics. He's a little crazy, but that's what makes him great. After all, who can forget his strange title role in "Borat"? As this character, Cohen was innocent and  offensive -- at the same time.

  2. Zach Braff -- Best known for his hospital role in "scrubs," Zach Braff is probably not known for being a Jewish American actor. Yet he is, whether he comes off as such or not, he is as he ran around the hospital in scrubs.

  3. Joaquin Phoenix -- This is the guy that walked the line as Johnny Cash. He's a fine actor, especially when he portrayed the young Johnny Cash in "Walk The Line." Cash was an iconic figure, and Phoenix captured him perfecty.

  4. Jack Black -- Jack Black could be this generation's John Belushi. He's the funny, chubby guy. He also loves rock & roll. He not only taught the rock & roll lifestyle in "School Of Rock," he lives that life every day. He plays guitar in real life, so "School Of Rock" was a natural choice.

  5. Matthew Broderick -- Matthew Broderick has evolved from the kid that just wanted to ditch school in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" to a more mature actor. He's really grown up. But, we still think of him as the kid that designed the elaborate ditch day in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

  6. David Duchovny -- Jewish Americans are not famous for space exploration. However, Duchovny in "X-Files" makes alien research seem so much spookier than it really has a right to be. Who wouldn't want to go chasing aliens with Duchovny?

  7. Jon Favreau -- He's the world's favorite swinger. The "Swingers" film almost single handedly brought back swing music to the mainstream. In "Swingers," he made a trip to Vegas we won't soon forget.

  8. Sean Penn -- Sean Penn has played everything from high school loser to a famous politician, as he did in "Milk" for which he won an Oscar as Best Actor. He's also a fine director. He hasn't, however, played many specifically Jewish American roles. Playing Harvey Milk took a lot of guts, but then again, Penn has a lot of guts.

  9. Jeff Goldblum -- Jeff Goldblum chased dinosaurs on film in "Jurrasic Park." Dinosaurs also chased him. Yet no matter what role he plays, he's almost always likeable. He always seems a little wacky. But we still love him.

  10. Albert Brooks -- Albert Brooks writes, directs and acts. He's usually a loser. Ah, but he's a loveable loser. There are so many great Brooks moments, but few better than his part as an anchorman sweating bullets during his first broadcast in "Broadcast News." Brooks usually plays an every man character that bad things happen to. And does he deserve this treatment? Usually not.