The 10 best Japanese American actors are good ones. It just goes to show, not only for Japanese American actors, but that immigrants across the globe have so much to offer Western society. Of course, in aspects concerning Hollywood, these Japanese American actors are good. Whether they are from Japan or a second-generation in the 'States', the best Japanese American actors have contributed to American culture in a variety of ways.

  1. Louis Ozawa Changchien. Recieving media attention for his role in the 2010 film "Predators", Changchien is not only one of the more recent Japanese American actors, he's actually been active in the business since 1999.

  2. Ian Anthony Dale. Currently starring as Simon Lee from NBC's "The Event", Dale has starred in everything from "CSI" to "24". Although mostly delving into television, Ian has starred alongside Bernie Mac in "Mr. 3000".

  3. Sessue Hayakawa. Mister Hayakawa was a direct immigrant from Japan who took up prominence during the American Silent Film Era. During his peak popularity, Sessue was as well-known as Charlie Chaplin (and thus, also one of the best Japanese American actors to date).

  4. Jeff Imada. Although best known as a martial artist, Jeff Imada is also well-known among Japanese American actors. He has choreographed fights for recent blockbusters such as "Repo Men" and "The Book of Eli" as well as did stunts for earlier movies such as "Blade Runner" (1982).

  5. Robert Ito. An excellent voice actor, Ito also delves into many acting roles. His positions on various shows such as "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "X-Files", and "Star Trek Voyager" are among Robert's various, impressive, jobs.

  6. Austin St. John. More commonly known as the Red Ranger of the original "Power Rangers", Austin is one of the Japanese American actors in Hollywood. Outside of that special show, however, his acting resume leaves much to be desired.

  7. Rodney Kageyama. As a relativ unknown among Japanese American actors, Rodney Kageyama isn't in the public eye too much. Nonetheless, he's starred in a variety of "Karate Kid" films as well as done a ton of theatre work.

  8. Sho Kosugi. An actor and martial-artist, Sho was born in Tokyo, Japan. From "Enter the Ninja" (1981) to "Ninja Assassin" (2009) Kosugi has been quite active in Hollywood. Let it be known, however, he really likes ninjas (apparently).

  9. Shin Koyamada. Staring alongside Tom Cruise, Shin received worldwide attention for his role in "The Last Samurai". Since then, Shin has worked in numerous Disney and martial-arts related roles. He is also one of the youngest philanthropists among Japanese American actors.

  10. Clyde Kusatsu. Recently making everyone laugh as Mr. Lee in the second "Harold and Kumar", Kusatsu is a Japanese American actor with a nag for middle-class roles. Usually, his lines are hilarious and a bit uptight.

There is a variety of Japanese American actors. Yet, only a few make for the cream of the crop. The best Japanese American actors have both talent and presence, which is something Hollywood demands of every performer, regardless of ethnicity.