The best Italians in movies are usually the most stereotypical for some reason. They're also quite funny whether they intend to be or not. You'll find some of the more interesting Italian movie characters below. 

  1. Daniel Larusso in "The Karate Kid" Ralph Macchio plays a wimpy Italian kid who moves to California and becomes a punching bag for the local Karate students. He tries to learn Karate from a book until the janitor of his apartment building teaches him the real stuff. 

  2. Michael Corleone in "The Godfather" Al Pacino brings a lot of chuckles when he plays a young reluctant killer. Michael avenges his brothers' murder and becomes increasingly involved the "family business." 

  3. Martini in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Danny DeVito plays the Italian mental patient Martini in the film based on a Ken Kesey novel of the same name. Martini disrupts "Monopoly" games with his hallucinations, but the other characters allow him to play anyway. 

  4. Tony Manero in "Saturday Night Fever" This Italian character, played by John Travolta, is the king of the disco club. He busts the best moves in the entire club and teaches his lover to become the queen of his dance kingdom. 

  5. Loretta Castorini in "Moonstruck" One of the coolest Italians in the movies is Cher when she plays Loretta Castorini in "Moonstruck. The romantic comedy classic introduces us to Cher and her Italian boyfriend, Johnny Cammarari. They plan to marry until Loretta falls in love with Johnny's brother. 

  6. Guido Orefice in "Life is Beautiful" Roberto Benigni directed, co-wrote and acted in this real Italian movie from 1997. He plays a Jewish-Italian named Guido, who goes through great lengths to convince his son that the Nazi concentration camp they are in is just a role playing game. 

  7. Johnny Boy in "Mean Streets" Robert De Niro plays a very childish character in this 1973 gangster movie. Johnny Boy owes money to loan sharks whom he does not seem to fear. 

  8. Hercules in "Hercules" The Hercules character is not Italian, but actor Lou Ferrigno is. In this 1983 non-Italian retelling of an ol Greek myth, Hercules battles the wizard Minos who attempts to rule the world using scientific discoveries. 

  9. Harry Lyme in "Home Alone" Remember the two "wet bandits" in the 1990 comedy, "Home Alone"? Italian movie star Joe Pesci plays one of the guys who try to break into the hourse. They never pulled it off because there was a meddling little kid in the house. 

  10. Rocky Balboa in "Rocky" Sylvester Stallone plays an Italian boxing champ in this classic 1976 tough guy movie and its sequels. The non-stop rock'em sock'em action and his unintentional humor makes Rocky one of the best Italians in movies.