There are a number of horror movies to reference, but what are the 10 best horror movie characters of the '90s? Horror movies seem to find their place at the box office every other week. Hard core horror fans continuously seek out more exciting and original films that will somehow shock their already desensitized minds. With the advent of the torture-porn genre, one must wonder whether movie producers have lost their edge in creating suspense with a supernatural horror movie character similar to that of prior decades.

  1. Hannibal Lector: Hannibal Lector is the flesh-eating cannibal feared in the infamous horror movie, "Silence of the Lambs." Lector's uncanny intelligence and disturbingly grotesque knack for human cadavers is enough to garner him the number one spot as the best horror movie character of the '90s.

  2. Ghostface: "Scream" garnered the attention of many Neve Cambell fans, not to mention slasher fans of old. Ghostface could lure his victims straight into his traps, which would have the audience suspended to the edge of their seats.

  3. Annie Wilkes: "Misery" introduced a new twist with a psychotic female villain who cannot stand the departure of the character's written within the series of books authored be Paul Sheldon. In fact, Annie Wilkes rescues the author from a car wreck and holds him captive, even breaking his legs in order to find out the series ending.

  4. Michael Myers: Michael Myers emerges onto the scene once again after twenty years in "H20." Michael Myers is a classic horror movie character that will always range on a top ten list. Michael Myers eludes death, busts through walls and has uncanny ability to seek out his victims. He just cannot seem to kill his sister.

  5. Chucky: Nothing is creepier than an inanimate doll that springs to life in hopes to take yours. "Child's Play 2" was released in 1992 with an even more sickening twist to this surreal '90s horror movie.

  6. Pennywise: Stephen King worked the screen during the 1990s. In fact, "It" aired as a television miniseries that told of the story of life-long friends that encounter a supernaturally evil clown named Pennywise. Pennywise haunts their dreams and induces horrid mental imagery to scare the children.

  7. Leatherface: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III" released in 1990 as the second sequel to the 1974 film, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." The film is allegedly inspired by true events, including the Ed Gein killings.

  8. Freddy Krueger: Freddy Cougar reigns as one of the scariest horror movie characters of all-time. "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare" is the sixth sequel to the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street," which released in 1984. Krueger intimidates his victims through their dream with his metal claw and ghastly appearance.

  9. Candyman: "Candyman" is based on the short story produced by Clive Barker entitled "The Forbidden." Candyman kills his victim when summoned through a mirror according to legend. Unfortunately, the Candyman's dismissal costs them their lives.

  10. Dr. Alan Feinstone: Dr. Alan Feinstone is a practicing dentist that is unknowingly married to an unhappy wife who sleeps around while he's gone. Dr. Alan Feinstone finds out one day on his way back home after forgetting something, which infuriates him to the point of plotting a disturbing revenge. "The Dentist" will make you wary of your dentist before even the most minor of operations.