The 10 best Hollywood movie stars hail from different decades and film genres. Many of these actors are so talented that they also direct or produce movies and television series. Below is a list of the ten best Hollywood movie stars.

  1. Marlon Brando. Whatever the role, Brando managed to perfectly display the emotions that boiled just below the character’s surface. Despite his recognizable face, Brando immersed himself so fully in his roles that his persona often disappeared. Perhaps best known as the Godfather, Brando’s acting talents never dwindled or become stagnant. Marlon Brando is one of the best Hollywood movie stars of all time.

  2. Matt Damon. Ever since his unexpected arrival in the acting world, Damon has managed to show a new side of his talents through every role. Whether the good guy, the bad guy, or just the lost guy, Damon’s acting easily surpasses the performances of other leading men in the same film. It helps, too, that the actor always picks great films. For these reasons Damon is one of the best Hollywood actors.

  3. Humphrey Bogart. The actor is widely regarded as one of the best actors in the history of Hollywood. The three time Academy Award winner is perhaps best known for Casablanca. The founder and leader of the notorious “Rat Pack”, Bogart is one of the best movie stars of all time.

  4. Johnny Depp. The actor consistently amazes viewers with his versatile talents. Depp is just as comfortable portraying a fictional cartoon character as he is in serious roles. Over the years Depp has become neither stale nor uninteresting, and always adds an element of excitement to any roll; for this he is one of the best Hollywood actors.

  5. Clark Gable. When on screen Gable not only made women swoon, but also made men sit up and take note. The actor’s skills are so legendary that his life and talents have been the subject of many a movie. His best-known role of Rhett Butler perfectly shows the extent of Gable’s talent, and why he is one of the best Hollywood movie stars.  

  6. Tom Hanks. The man can bring an audience to tears in one second and have them laughing the next. Actor and producer Hanks provides audiences with fantastically absorbing stores told through his graceful acting, making him one of the greatest Hollywood movie stars.

  7. Audrey Hepburn. In any role the petite Hepburn manages to make viewers smile. Ladies dream of being like the calm, suave Hepburn, which has resulted in her remaining one of the favorite actresses ever to grace the screen even today. Her acting talents were malleable into any role, and more often than not those roles were exceptional. Audrey Hepburn is one of the best Hollywood actresses.

  8. Katharine Hepburn. The actress not only won an abundance of awards for her work, but was also named as the most influential actress in film history. Although staring alongside pretty much every leading man at the time, Hepburn never disappeared into the background. Her strength on screen makes her one of the best Hollywood movie stars.

  9. Julia Roberts. When a film’s cast list contains this leading lady’s name, the movie’s guaranteed to be good. Her winning smile and easygoing attitude allow her to fit easily into any role no matter how serious of a character. For always making a movie great, Roberts is one of the best Hollywood movie stars of all time.

  10. Dame Judi Dench. The actresses’ voice alone is enough to chill an audience. With her melodious voice and effortless acting, Dench never fails to entertain. By taking widely-varied roles Dench has provided the world with a glimpse of the breath of her skills. The evidence of Dame Judi Dench’s worthiness of the title of best Hollywood movie star lies in her extensive award list.