Although they have often gone unrecognized or underappreciated in mainstream Hollywood, the 10 best gay movie actors have made substantial contributions to Hollywood. These very talented men, some of whom have passed away, are worthy of respect and accolades. They are also some of the finest acting talent that Hollywood has ever produced.

  1. Rock Hudson Rock Hudson was definitely one of the most famous gay actors, although he was widely seen as a ladies' man throughout most of his life. His death as a result of AIDS, which occurred during the 1980s, was a clarion call for others and revealed the hidden life he had been leading for many years. He was also a phenomenally successful actor, who was successful in both television and film.

  2. Rupert Everett This fabulous gay actor has established himself as one of the premier actors in Hollywood and can be seen in a number of famous productions. He is also a very talented actor with a wicked sense of humor and a sense of style that sets him apart from many actors.

  3. Sean Hayes Everyone knows Sean Hayes as the flamboyantly gay character Jack from "Will and Grace," which won him a great deal of praise and criticism.  However, he has also been in a number of other films and television shows and has als taken a turn at producing. With his multiple talents and acting talent, he definitely ranks among the best gay actors.

  4. David Hyde Pierce Most famous for his role as Niles Crane in the popular series "Frasier," David Hyde Pierce has also been in a number of other productions, both on stage and on the screen. He has been very involved with a number of gay friendly causes and so deserves to be on a list of the best gay actors.

  5. Tab Hunter This actor from classic Hollywood was well-known for being the boy next door that all of the girls were in love with. However, he led a secret life and only came out as a gay actor recently. Despite this, he definitely deserves his place among the best gay actors.

  6. Neil Patrick Harris Although this gay actor rose to fame as the lovable Doogie Howser, Neil Patrick Harris went on to establish himself as a man of many talents. In addition to starring in another series "How I Met Your Mother," he has also taken a turn guest-starring in a number of other successful series, including the phenomenally popular show "Glee."

  7. Paul Lynde Some people may remember this gay actor from his flamboyantly humorous performances on the popular game show "Hollywood Squares." With his unique voice, he has also become well-known to modern audiences, particularly for his role as Templeton the rat in the animated children's film "Charlotte's Web."

  8. Chris Colfer This up-and-coming gay actor established himself as a phenomenal singing talent as the character Kurt in the series "Glee." His voice, which is a beautiful soprano, along with his ability to convey powerful emotions through his acting, means that he will be a gay actor that we will see for many more years to come.

  9. Sir Ian McKellan No list of gay actors would be complete without this famous man, who has become quite popular among American audiences for two of his most famous roles as Gandalf and as Magneto. However, he has also been very involved in the gay community and for gay friendly causes, so he definitely deserves to be thought of as one of the best gay actors.

  10. Stephen Fry This gay actor has consistently proven himself to be amazingly flexible in his many talents. As an actor, he is well-known for portraying civilized and sophisticated characters, such as Oscar Wilde, a role which he brought to life with uncanny precision. He was also featured as the voice of the Cheshire Cat in Tim Burton's recent rendition of the classic tale "Alice in Wonderland."