In today’s society it is becoming more and more prevalent for gay actors to come out of the closet without having to fear for career retribution, as an example, here are the 10 best gay male actors. Each has come out and each is living a rewarding and fruitful career and is highly regarded as the top of his trade.

  1. Alan Cumming. Alan Cumming is one of the most modern and edgy actors working today. He has been seen on stage, screen and television since graduating University in 1985. He has been seen in such films as “Circle of Friends,” “Prague” and “Emma” and onstage in such musicals as “Cabaret.”

  2. Neil Patrick Harris. Coming to popularity as a child star in the television show “Doogie Howser, M.D.” Harris has since made a name for himself in television and movies. Considered to be one of the finest and most bankable comedic actors, Harris is easily one of the best gay male actors working today.

  3. Harvey Fierstein. Harvey Fierstien is best recognized by his the gravel quality of his voice. Fierstein has appeared on stage and on the big and small screen in some beloved roles.

  4. Sir John Gielgud. Sir John Gielgud is long considered to be one of the greatest British actors of the 20th century. Gielgud held roles ranging from Shakespearean, to comedic to dramatic on the stage and screen. His history and high regard make him one of the best gay male actors to have ever worked in entertainment.

  5. Nigel Hawthorne. A noted British stage and screen actor, Hawthorne was the first openly gay actor to be nominated for an Oscar. He was nominated for this prestigious award for his work on the film “The Madness of King George.”

  6. Rock Hudson. Rock Hudson is one of the most famous gay movies stars due to the way he was outed after contracting HIV. Hudson starred in famous films like “Giant,” “Pillow Talk,” “Send Me No Flowers” and “Magnificent Obsession.”

  7. Sir Ian McKellen. Considered to be not only one of the best gay male actors, but one of the best actors of all time, McKellen has countless plays and movies to his credit. McKellen was the first British citizen to be knighted after coming out as homosexual.

  8. David Hyde Pierce. The winner of both an Emmy and a Tony Award, Pierce is best known for his work on “Frasier.” Though appearing on “Frasier” for many years, Pierce has many television shows, movies and Broadway shows to his credit. Since his career began in 1982, Pierce has proved himself to be one of the best gay male actors working.

  9. B.D. Wong. First getting noticed for his riveting performance in the play “M. Butterfly,” B.D. Wong has been a fixture on television and in film. Wong tends towards intense and complex roles and his commitment to these make him one of the best gay male actors working today.

  10. Michael Jeter. Having appeared in numerous films like “Jurassic Park III,” “The Green Mile,” and “Open Range,” Jeter won an Emmy for his work on the sitcom “Evening Shade” in 1992. The range he has shown through his movie and television roles lands him as one of the best gay male actors.