France's culture has always been about the arts, so here's the 10 best French movie actors who stand out from all the rest. These actors give riveting performances in amazing films. When paired with the right director, anything is possible for them, no award is out of reach.

  1. Marc Duret. Star of the film ''Le Femme Nikita'', the french actor's performance is incredible in this jail heist film. Definitely worth a watch for any French movie buff.

  2. Dominique Pinon. Most famous for the film ''Delicatessen'', Pinon stars in dark-comedy about a landlord and the strange foods he prepares for his tenants.

  3. Christian Clavier. Star of the famous fantasy film ''Les Visiteurs'', Clavier delivers a riveting performance that captures the essence of the film.

  4. Patrick Bruel. ''Profil Bas'' is where Bruel shines. This surrealist/horror film's theme is shaped by Bruel's amazing performance.

  5. Daniel Auteuil. Although not the main character in the movie ''Queen Margot'', the French actor still gives an amiable performance in this religious war/drama film.

  6. Jean Reno. Reno plays a deadly assassin who cares for a young child in the movie ''The Professional''. Reno's interpretation of the character have impressed moviegoers and critics alike.

  7. Vincent Cassel. The French actor plays plays young Vinz, a street thug, in the movie ''Le Haine''. Cassel may be more familiar to western audiences as Toulour of ''Ocean's Twelve''.

  8. Frances Huster. An impressive little film called ''The Dinner Game'' is where Huster and company work together to make the movie great.

  9. Sami Frey. Starring in the movie ''Anthony Zimmer'', the incredible French actor is involved in a scuffle with the Russian Mafia, and a search for Anthony Zimmer.

  10. Kad Merad. Best known for the movie ''Welcome to the Sticks'', it's easy to see why the French actor was made famous in this charming coming of age film.