The 10 best French female movie stars all have sex appeal, and they have all played a wide range of roles requiring strength, vulnerability, confidence, passion and even a quirky, comedic quality. Most of the ten best French female movie stars on this list also had key roles in high-profile, English-language movies, as well as the memorable movies they made in France.

  1. Catherine Deneuve. Gorgeous and talented, Deneuve is probably the most famous French female movie star ever, with a career that spans six decades and includes such memorable films as "Belle de Jour," "The Hunger," and the acclaimed "Indochine."

  2. Marion Cotillard. The 2008 Best Actress Oscar winner playing singer Edith Piaf in "La Vie En Rose," Cotillard also appeared in "Inception" and "Public Enemies."

  3. Sophie Marceau. Beautiful (check out "Beyond the Clouds") and versatile, Marceau has been featured in "The World is Not Enough" and "Braveheart" as well French hits "La Boum 2" and "La Fille de d'Artagnan."

  4. Eva Green. With piercing blue eyes and a killer body, she has added major sex appeal to movies like "Casino Royale" and 2003's "The Dreamers," in which she spends much of the movie naked, entertaining two lovers in a story set against the Paris riots of 1968.

  5. Emanuel Beart. Stunning, with a breakout performance in the 1983 revenge romantic drama "Manon of the Spring," Beart has been turning in awesome performances ever since.

  6. Juliet Binoche. Sultry in movies like "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" and undeniably appealing in "Dan in Real Life," Binoche is one of those great French actresses who get more alluring with every passing year.

  7. Audrey Tatou. She became an international star in "Amelie," but has also appeared in "The Da Vinci Code" and "Dirty Pretty Things." She can be sweet and charming, strong yet vulnerable, and always, always undeniably classy and appealing.

  8. Jeanne Moreau. A successful stage actress by the time director Louis Malle made her a movie star in 1958's "Elevator to the Gallows" (a jazzy, French New Wave romantic drama) and 1959's "The Lovers," Moreau has gone on to be one of the most beloved and admired French actresses in film history. She has a long list of credits, but her signature role may be as the unpredictable Catherine in 1962's "Jules et Jim."

  9. Isabelle Adjani. She became one of the ten best French female movie stars starting in the 1970s and has put together an impressive and long list of credits. Interestingly, one of her most acclaimed roles is in the 1981 erotic thriller, "Possession."

  10. Brigitte Bardot. She may not have been the greatest French actress, but she is probably the one for whom the term "sex kitten" was invented and did as much as any woman to popularize the bikini. Bardot became an international sex symbol in 1956's "And God Created Woman."