The 10 best Filipino American actors range from all types of films and theater. Their deep culture have shown to be a major influence in their style and their talents. Some are dead and gone, but others are still going strong.

  1. Vanessa Hudgens. She won the hearts of many preteens with her stunning voice and sensational smile. She became world known with the film "High School Musical". More importantly, she is young and is climbing her way to the top.

  2. Nicole Anderson. Playing the role of Chelsea Staub in "Jonas." Nicole Anderson's career is taking off. She soon will be in the sequel to "Mean Girls" as well as keeping up with her recurring role in "Make It on Break It." Nicole's mother is Filipino born and raised and moved to the United States after meeting her father, an officer in the navy.

  3. Anna Maria Perez de Tagle. Though she is making a name for herself, Anna's background is vast and full of Filipino fame. Her father is the famous TV personality, Archie Perez de Tagle and her grandmother was Sylvia La Torre. Not to mention, she is also the niece of Che-Che Perez de Tagle. But don't let her family be the only thing to impress.

  4. Lou Diamond Phillips. He is best known for his role in "La Bamba" and has surprised many with his poker playing ability. Whether he is on stage, behind the camera, or out in front, Lou Diamond Phillips makes the Philippines proud. His ethnic background is rich with Spanish, German, and Filipino decent.

  5. Rob Schneider. A veteran of "Saturday Night Live" and legend in the comic world, Schneider credits his Filipino background with his rich stand up abilities. Because of his success on SNL, he moved on to star in plenty of film roles and start his own foundation.

  6. Shannyn Sossamon. She gained instant fame with the film "A Knight's Tale" playing Heath Ledger's love interest. However, she has dabbled in music, theater, and modeling. Her beauty is striking and her talents are unmatched.

  7. Herve Jean-Pierre Villechaize. Best known for his role as "Tattoo" in "Fantasy Island," Herve Jean-Pierre Villechaize was a wonderful actor and devoted star. A thyroid disfunction left him with dwarfism, which became is claim to fame. He began in the theater realm during his stay in New York, however, television spotted a star early on and led him to the top.

  8. Charlyne Yi. She began her young career with stand up comedy. Her style is unlike others though, as she uses magic, music, and audience participation. The movie industry has used her talents for writing and now has her in the spotlight with films such as "Knocked Up" and "Paper Heart." She is a star on the rise and her multi-cultural heritage helps her with her multi-talented performances.

  9. T.V. Carpio. She knocked the socks off of movie-goers with her role as Prudence in the film "Across the Universe". Her voice demanded attention and her character showed the world what Carpio is capable of. Her Filipino-Chinese, singer mother has lent her daughter her beautiful pipes and Carpio is now singing her heart out on Broadway in the show "Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark".

  10. Deedee Magno. Beginning her musical career as a mouseketeer, Magno has sang her way through the theater world. She perked people's ears with her role as Kim in "Miss Saigon" and made it big with the role of Nessarose in "Wicked." Her theater abilities have allowed her to tour the country and she continues to reprise roles for her fans.