The 10 best dead Hollywood actors left big shoes-or cowboy boots-to fill when their lights left the earth. Few have risen that have the presence to take their place. So just reminisce about the dead ones and watch a marathon or two of their movies to fill your solace.

  1. Charles Bronson: He's played a cowboy, an erotica author, felon on death row, wax figure horror accomplice, vigilante and much more. But the man always insisted he only played himself. Perhaps one of the must humble dead Hollywood actors, Charles Bronson is surely missed.

  2. John Wayne: He either played cowboys or soldiers-and he played both well. Anything you could say about John Wayne could always be bettered by someone else. But his movies speak for themselves.

  3. Henry Fonda: He acted in 115 shows and movies but always kept the same Fonda charm-or lack thereof. He also spawned two actor children, Peter and Jane, to carry on his legacy.

  4. Humphrey Bogart: Perhaps best known for smoking cigars, scowling and speaking in a deep voice, Bogart classified the classic film era and is probably one of the most rotated actors on Turner Classic Movies.

  5. Heath Ledger: "The Joker" died way too young, and left a beautiful girlfriend and child behind. Too bad he didn't love Hollywood as much as it seemed to love him.

  6. Clark Gable: The man who brought the iconic "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" to the silver screen in "Gone with the Wind" was one of the most striking stars of his era. Few actors today can compare.

  7. Bernie Mac: The "Ocean's Eleven" movies wouldn't have been the same without the comedian who always grinned from ear to ear. His comedy show misses him, too.

  8. Steve McQueen: One of the best dead Hollywood actors who died too young is Steve McQueen, who passed away at age 50. Known best for his roles in movies like "Bullitt" and "The Great Escape" he could play a cop, a soldier or a cowboy and still be the same old Steve.

  9. Lee Marvin: Whether he was playing a sergeant in one film or a colonel in another, Marvin always seemed too old for the role. But he played it with style and grit, which made him one of the best dead Hollywood actors.

  10. John Candy: He probably saw it coming, considering his size and affinity for, well, candy, but John never failed to humor audiences with his cheesy smiles, dumb jokes and irresponsible behavior.