The 10 best comedy actors 2010 made the year hilarious. Whether running from bad guys, running towards good guys or just living their normal life, the best comedy actors cracked up audiences.

  1. Tina Fey. This leading lady consistently proves herself as one of the funniest actresses in the business. While "Date Night" might not have been the best comedy ever made, Fey made it more than passable with her hilarious, dry humor.

  2. Mark Wahlberg. With two comedy films in a year, this actor seemed to be entirely focused on the genre. Wahlberg almost stole the show in "Date Night", and cracked audiences’ up in "The Other Guys". In 2010, Wahlberg was one of the best comedy actors.

  3. Russel Brand. Ever since Brand burst onto the scene his films have been blockbusters. In "Get Him to the Greek" Brand shined with his own perfect sense of humor. For his ability to crack up viewers just by smiling, Brand is one of the best comedy actors of 2010.

  4. Emma Stone. The idea of "Easy A" wouldn’t have worked so well if not for this comedy actress. The tongue-in-cheek movie was an instant hit with her direct humor. In 2010, Emma stone was one of the best comedy actresses.

  5. Christina Applegate. She’s come a long way from her role as a dumb blonde. In 2010 Applegate stole ever scene in "Going the Distance", making herself one of the best comedy actresses.

  6. Bette White. The random comeback of Betty White was not without its reason. White busted onto scene and showed her comedy skills in "You Again". And, really, who couldn’t love Betty White cracking jokes?

  7. Jonah Hill. Hill’s a crowd pleaser in every movie, but opposite Brand he soars. In "Get Him to the Greek", Hill stepped away from his typical comedy routine a bit, but not too much; and it doesn’t really matter, anyway, since those were some very hilarious steps to take.

  8. Chris Rock. Any movie this actor appears in promises to be a good one. In 2010, Chris Rock again lived up to his typical, well-deserved hype in "Death at a Funeral". One almost felt badly for laughing at such a serious time…almost.

  9. Tracy Morgan. This actor was all over the place in 2010, and in each step he proved himself worthy of one of the best comedy actors of the year. Morgan’s hilarious delivery of his lines in "Cop Out" was only bested by the words he speaks. The actor is absolutely one of the 10 best comedy actors of 2010.

  10. Steve Carell. Normally the goofy character, in "Date Night" this actor proved himself capable of delivering dry humor as well. And a good humor it was, because Carell carried his own weight opposite Wahlberg and Fey. In 2010, Carell was one of the best comedy actors of the year.