The 10 best best actor Oscar winners hail from different eras. Each has been recognized for their talents, but some still stand above all other winners. Below are the ten best Academy Award winners.

  1. Lawrence Olivier. Anyone who can roll Shakespeare off their tongue like it’s second nature is one pretty cool man. Olivier’s Oscar was given for his portrayal of the ill-fated prince in "Hamlet". For his skill, Lawrence Olivier is one of the best actor Oscar winners.

  2. Jack Nicholson. Somehow Nicholson manages to creep out every viewer, but still keep them coming back for more. This great actor won his most recent award for his role as a neurotic man struggling to find love in "As Good As It Gets". Whether he’s making watchers laugh or sending chills down their spine, Nicholson’s performances never disappoint. For his allure, Jack Nicholson is one of the best actors to receive an Oscar.

  3. Tom Hanks. He made viewers cry for his role of a man battling AIDS in "Philadelphia", and love him when he ran in "Forest Gump". Tom Hanks always manages to find the perfect, poignant touch in each one of his films that takes it out of the realm of ordinary movies. For his ability to express emotion, Hanks is one of the best Oscar winners ever.

  4. Dustin Hoffman. His award for "Rain Man" demonstrated how in, each role Hoffman takes, he disappears into the character. Hoffman manages, in fact, to step so well inside each role that he can make an audience forget his presence. For his versatility and dedication, Hoffman is one of the best, best actor Oscar winners.

  5. Robert DeNiro. The accent, the squinty eyes, the stance; Robert DeNiro’s presence can consume any scene in his films, but that doesn’t make the stories any less wonderful. Through his role in "Godfather II", the same role for which he was awarded one of his Oscars, DeNiro showed how not only does he manage to add an additional element to each film, but also how that element usually happens to be the thing that makes it a must-see. For his ability to entertain any crowd, DeNiro is one of the best best actor winners.

  6. Sean Connery. He’s been Indiana Jones’ father, a crook, and the most suave man on Earth—James Bond. Connery never fails to make every story wonderful. Numerous of his performances have been Oscar-worthy, but the actor only received one for his work in "The Untouchables". For his ability to entertain no matter what the role, Connery is one of the best Oscar winners of all time.

  7. Al Pacino. His skill is legendary, but it wasn’t until "Scent of a Woman" that Pacino was finally recognized. Every film in which the actor stars pops with energy. It was, after all, for his liveliness in "Scent of A Woman" that earned the actor his award. Pacino is on one of the best, best actor winners.

  8. Forest Whitaker. Although the role that granted him an Oscar was one of a corrupt dictator  in "The Last King of Scotland", Whitaker’s quiet presence always manages to outshine costars. For his subtle elegance, Whitaker is one of the best best actor winners of all time.

  9. Henry Fonda. The actor was finally recognized for the brilliancy of his work in "On Golden Pond". The acclaim, however, arrived when he was nearing death, and after what many saw as a career filled with several Oscar-worthy performances. For his subdued but awe-inspiring presence, Fonda is one of the best old Hollywood Academy Award winning actors.

  10. Jeff Bridges. While this recent award winner was recognized for his ability to portray an alcoholic artist in "Crazy Heart", his skill runs much deeper. Viewers cannot help but be pulled into every one of Bridges’ roles. For his ability to make viewers get lost in his performances, and enjoy themselves while lost, Bridges is one of the best, best actor winners ever.