10 Best African-American Actors

Friday, July 22 by Christopher Robinson

The best African American actors have played successful roles in many movies. These actors are very talented and push themselves to their limits when it comes to their roles in movies. Below are the 10 best African-American actors.

  1. Denzel Washington. This African American actor is number one on the list. Denzel Washington is a highly acclaimed actor that is well known for his role in Training Day, which he won an Academy Award, in and many other movies. He currently holds the records for having the most actor nominations of African American descent.
  2. Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman is an actor with a great authoritive voice. He has received numerous Academy Award nominations for his role in movie like the Shawshank Redemption and Million Dollar baby. He is well known for playing amazing roles in over a dozen movies.
  3. Halle Berry. This woman is well known for her role as Storm in X-men and her role in Monster's Ball. Halle actually won an award winning performance for her role in these movies.
  4. Sidney Porter. Sidney Porter was the first African American actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor in his role played in Lilies of the Field. He is seen as one of the greatest actors of all time.
  5. Will Smith. Will Smith is highly known for his roles in Men in Black and the popular TV show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He has played amazingly in other movies such as Hitch and The Pursuit of Happiness.
  6. Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson started to become famous in the 1990's by playing extraordinary roles. He has played in movies like The Man, and the most popular movie that he is well known in, Unbreakable.
  7. Eddie Murphy. Everyone knows this African American actor. Eddie Murphy is known for his comedy in movies such as the famously viewed Nutty Professor. He ranks as the highest grossing film star in history.
  8. Chris Rock. Chris Rock is also a comedian actor. He is known for playing hilarious roles in movies such as The Longest Yard and others. Chris Rock is also very well known for producing films, screen writing , and directing.
  9. Cuba Gooding Jr. Cuba Gooding became popular in 1991 after his breakthrough performance in Boyz N The Hood. He then started moving up after acting in movies such at Fighting Temptations, Lightning Jack, Outbreak, and A Few Good Men.
  10. Don Cheadle. Don Cheadle is very well known for giving critical performances in movies like Ocean's Eleven and Hotel Rwanda. If there's anything that made him to the top, it was his excellent role in Hotel Rwanda.


  1. July 22, 2011 8:53 pm

    Robert Andrew Andres Perez Jr.

    Terrance Howard should replace Chris Rock.  I love me some Rock, but he is not a great actor.  Samuel L. Jackson should be about Halle Berry, but there is a definitely deficiency of sisters on this list.  Try again.

  2. July 22, 2011 8:53 pm


    African = African American first and foremost.

    And now some words of wisdom from Nubian King Denzel Washington

    “I’d be more frightened by not using whatever abilities
    I’d been given. I’d be more frightened by procrastination and laziness.”

    – Denzel Washington

    Oh and we agree with you Rob – where are the Nubian Queens at on the list?

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