Confidence, grace, charm and resourcefulness are just a few qualities exemplified by the 10 best actresses of 2007. With so many leading ladies on the forefront of Hollywood’s talent and beauty list, quite often it is only their skills and accomplishments that set them apart-here are the best actresses of 2007.

  1. Ellen Page was noticed in 2006 for her credible work on “Hard Candy.” However, in 2007 her role in one of the top movies for the year, “Juno,” spread her appeal to a much wider audience. This Canadian sweetheart was nominated for 22 awards in 2007, of which she won seventeen, including the 2007 NYFCC Award for Breakthrough Performer and St. Louis Critics Award for Best Actress, both for her role in "Juno."   

  2. Marion Cotillard makes the best actresses of 2007 list as the winner of the Oscar for "La Vie En Rose." Charming and graceful, the French stunner is a talented and highly- skilled actress. Having snatched the Oscar from under the more familiar Hollywood noses takes some doing.    

  3. Julie Christie was named by Al Pacino as “the most poetic of all actresses” and did not disappoint with her performance in “Away From Her.” Her career spans five decades of highly-acclaimed films and she is rightfully placed on the ten best actresses of 2007 list.    

  4. Angelina Jolie brought to life “A Mighty Heart” with great acting and realistic emotion. Proving once again in 2007 that she is worthy of any ten best actresses list, she provided a compelling and heart rendering performance in the memory of slain Wall Street Journal reporter, Danny Pearl.    

  5. Meryl Streep was Devilishly good in “Th Devil Wears Prada.” Classical Streep, once again led the pack with confidence, grace and well-earned experience. This legendary leading lady starred in more than 40 feature films and has received countless award nominations.    

  6. Emily Blunt was excellent in “The Devil Wears Prada” and many felt that she should have won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Her highly versatile acting skills paired with her ability to win over the audience with her wit and charm earns her a spot on the ten best actresses of 2007 list. Hard to believe this eloquent actress used to stutter as a youngster.    

  7. Kate Winslet is well known for ditching typecast pretty girl roles and being able to sink her teeth into very demanding and challenging parts. She makes the ten best actresses of 2007 list for her superb acting in “Little Children” for which she received her fifth Oscar nomination. Even though she did not win, her joyous response at Marion Cotillard’s win proves her style and professionalism.    

  8. Jurnee Smollett graces the ten best actresses of 2007 list for holding her own against seasoned and award-winning actor Denzel Washington in the movie “The Great Debaters.” As the only female in the team of small college debaters, rising to glory in an epic movie about young achievements against the odds, this talented newcomer proved herself more than worthy of accolades.    

  9. Lily Tomlin brings to the ten best actresses of 2007 list her full range of talents in the movie “A Prairie Home Companion.” Starring next to the likes of Meryl Streep and exploiting her well-rounded and varied career experiences, her efforts culminated in a truly great and unforgettable character. A veteran lady in the acting world, she is always a pleasure to watch.    

  10. Annette Bening steals the show in “Running with Scissors.” This comedic drama and fantastic actress complement each other from the very first scene. She truly brings this memoir to life and is most memorable as one of the ten best actresses of 2007.

There you have it: the best actresses of 2007. Great ladies doing justice to great roles and making great impressions on the audience. Ladies who get down to it or rise to the challenge. Ladies who in 2007 were the top of the crop and will probably remain there in the future.