The 10 best 80’s movie stars are chosen from a long list of stars from the 80’s. What makes an actor a star are the memorable performances and in the 80’s there were many for the 10 best 80’s movie stars.

  1. Kelly McGillis. Her career began in the 1980s when she costarred in the Academy Award nominated in “Reuben Reuben” 1983. McGillis played the Amish widow whose son witnesses a murder, opposite Harrison Ford, in “Witness” 1985. Her best know 80’s movie is “Top Gun” from 1986 where she played Charlie the teacher opposite Tom Cruise as Maverick.

  2. Patrick Swayze. Swayze’s acting career grew after landing the part of Jed in the 1984 movie “Red Dawn” about the invasion of America and the young men who fought back. Swayze plays a rough tough bouncer Dalton hired to keep order at a violent bar in “Road house” from 1989. Swayze put his dancing background to great use in the mega hit “Dirty Dancing” (1987) where he played the street wise dance teacher Johnny Castle.

  3. Tom Cruise. Tome Cruise made 12 of the best movies of the 80’s from 1981 to 1989 playing everything from a teenager mixed up with a prostitute while his folks are away to a disillusioned war veteran. The list includes “Taps” 1981, “Risky Business” 1983, “Top Gun” 1986, “The Color of Money” 1986, “Cocktail” 1988, “Rain Man” 1988, and “Born on the Fourth of July” 1989.

  4. Steve Martin. Funny man Steve Martin, with roots from vintag Saturday Night Live, ascended from television into a brilliant film career. The list of his most famous 80’s movies includes “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” 1982, “The Man with Two Brains” 1983, “Three Amigos” 1986, and “Roxanne” 1987.

  5. Michael Keaton. There just didn’t seem to be anything versatile Michael Keaton couldn’t do during the 80’s. “Night Shift” 1982, “Mr. Mom” 1983, “Johnny Dangerously” 1984, “Gung Ho” 1986, and “Batman” 1989. His best performance of the 80’s is without a doubt was given in “Beetle Juice” from 1988 where he plays the obnoxious bio-exorcist Beetle Juice.

  6. Michele Pfeiffer. The silky haired blonde beauty played a mobster’s girl Elvira Hancock in “Scarface” opposite Al Pacino in 1983. In “The Fabulous Baker Boys” she played hooker turned lounge singer Susie Diamond surprising audiences with her singing in 1989. In 1988 Pfeiffer played Jo Ann Vallenari costarring with eye candy Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell in ‘Tequila Sunrise” the love triangle tale of a cop, ex drug dealer, and a girl.

  7. Kurt Russell. His film career started with a part in an Elvis Presley movie. During the 60’s and 70’s Kurt Russell was best known for his work in television, until the 80’s hit and launched him to stardom. Some of his best known 80’s movies are “Escape from New York’ 1981, “The Thing” 1982, “Silkwood” 1983, “Swing Shift” 1984, “Tequila Sunrise” 1988, and “Tango and Cash” 1989.

  8. John Cusack. Brother of film star Joan Cusack, who he costarred with in “Sixteen Candles” in 1984, played a variety of characters from nerdy teen to disgraced baseball player Buck Weaver in “Eight Men Out” in 1988. Cusack’s 80’s movies include “The Sure Thing”, “Stand By Me” 1986, and “Broadcast News” 1987.

  9. Nicolas Cage. Played in several teen movies of the 80’s until Cher insisted he play the male lead in “Moonstruck” in 1987, which took his career to a new level. His best known 80’s movies are “Valley Girl” 1983, “Rumble Fish” 1983, “Peggy Sue Got Married” 1986, and “Raising Arizona” 1987.

  10. Jamie Leigh Curtis. Daughter of film legends Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, came to stardom in the movie “Halloween” 1987. Her best known films are “Trading Places” 1983, “Perfect” 1985, “A Fish Called Wanda” 1988, and “Blue Steel” 1989.