7 Worst Moustaches In Recent Film And Television History

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Now that's a stache! 

Not everyone can have the a thick, lustrous moustache like god-among men Burt “F#cking” Reynolds. Even with his ‘stache half shaved off, Burt looks like a champ. You’re looking at the gorgeous mane of hair growing on his upper lip, not his hairpiece. That’s where it really counts.

But some men feel no shame when going on television or the silver screen with a moustache that a 12-year-old boy would be ashamed to rock. We’re posting these as a warning, gents. Remember, when you rock the mo’ to honor those who have gone before you, don’t end up looking like these clowns.

But before you read about our picks for the worst moustaches, take a look at this comprehensive video of movie moustaches and judge for yourself. And while you’re at it, if you haven’t signed up for Movember, what the hell are you waiting for? Click the following link and head over to Break’s Movember page and do your part to fight prostate and testicular cancer.

Now, on with the bad ‘staches!

Leonardo DiCaprio (The Aviator)

It’s pretty sad when you’re looking scarier than the real Howard Hughes. That’s exactly what Leo does toward the end of The Aviator. The moustache growing on his face like some kind of blond caterpillar expresses the existential angst many fair-haired men feel when it comes time for Movember. The dude looks pretty fly throughout the rest of the movie, then toward the end of his life, Hughes dons this mo’. Why, we aren’t sure, but not even “historical accuracy” makes Leo’s moustache justifiable. Somebody get this guy a razor.

Channing Tatum (The Sons of No One)

This movie bombed at the box office. Big time. You wanna know why? Four words: Tatum Channing’s friggin’ moustache. It straight looks like they shaved his balls and glued it to his upper lip. We get it. He’s playing a cop. Great. We’re pretty sure that at the academy they separate out the dudes who aren’t growers and cut them right away. Some better casting could have fixed this, or they could have just decided he didn’t have to look like he could double for the cop from the Village People before he could grow facial hair.

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