Snake Plissken Will Stay In NY A Bit Longer

Wednesday, July 20 by

With so many remakes and reboots and sequels floating around, the revelation that an existing property WON’T get remade certainly¬†qualifies¬†as news. New Line has recently announced that they won’t be reviving the Snake Plissken saga Escape from New York, so the rights to the original go back into the pile, awaiting another creatively frustrated studio to take a crack at it.

Despite having interest from both Gerard Butler and Jeremy Renner (who has about as full of a slate as any actor could have), New Line and Warner Bros decided to let their option lapse, relegating Snake to New York City for the foreseeable future. Perhaps it was the fact that their attached director, Breck Eisner, last laid his hands on the lamentable The Crazies, which perhaps didn’t give too much hope to breathing new life into source material that didn’t see the widespread clamoring that many other reboots promise.

Somewhere, an eyepatch propmaster in North Hollywood picks up the phone to tell his kids that there might not be a Christmas this year. (Deadline)

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