Will Ferrell, always one to go with the high concept comedies, may be softening in his old age. It's just been announced that he'll be producing a rom-com called I'm In Love With The DJ, written by Lauryn Kahn. The film follows a gaggle of girls/women to Spain as they go on a tear to track down some really attractive DJ.

Yeah, I was thinking the DJ will probably be played by John C. Reilly, too, but no announcement has been made yet.

Lest you think this is along the lines of 27 Dresses, a good barometer here is Kahn's previous screenplay, which was sold to Universal under the name He's Fucking Perfect, which of course was changed to something less offensive, like Rosa Parks Was Really Overrated or Recycling Just Delays the Inevitable.

Just kidding.

It's called The Social Life, because the natural response of studio execs, when presented with the edgiest name imaginable, swing the pendulum in the other direction and give us some shit like The Social Life, which sounds like a website that posts inspirational stories on Facebook for Likes.

Anyway...Will Ferrell movie that he's not going to be in. About DJs. Written by a chick that sounds pretty cool.

More to follow, cause this is a pretty thin story as-is.