As writer and star of"Eastbound and Down," Danny McBride already has the coolest job. Now he's looking for another.

He tells The Playlist that he wants to get behind the camera for his next project.
“We’re writing the last season of ‘Eastbound’ and we’ll shoot that this summer and then I’m trying to develop something to get behind the camera. I went to film school and that’s where I met Jody and David and I was focusing on being a writer and director there and I really would love to step into that role so I’m really trying to focus on doing that next.”

It's still vague what he might want to direct. There's a whole stable of films in development at his shingle Rough House Pictures. He could easily hop on Olympic Sized Asshole or Bullies. But stay away from Taking Flight. David Gordon Green called dibs and he's pretty good with that long chain with a knife on the end of it.