Weekend in Review

Monday, September 8 by

It was the wost weekend for the box office in years. I had to go to San Francisco against my will, and Stan lost a finger. Ok, he just broke it.

The Toronto International Film Fest has a bunch of famous people and movies. And the Cohe brothers talking about Burn After Reading, Tilda Swinton, and Donald Rumsfeld at a panel.

Tommy Lee Jones sues No Country For Old Men. Wait, you can sue a movie? Man, where do I start.

Harold Ramis confirms Ghostbusters III.

If A =  B and B = C, then Kermit the Frog = The Dark Knight.

We did reviews of two HBO premieres and our old standard:

Recap: EntourageSeason 5 Premier
Recap: True Blood Premier
Recap: Mad Men, Ep 207

And we watched the VMA’s. Britney does not have meth mouth.

Now get to work.


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