American parents are desperate for something, anything, to shut their kids up for a couple hours. And Fox's animation studio Blue Sky Studios, knows just the thing - talking CGI animals! So it probably doesn't come as much of a surprise that their latest soon-to-be-forgotten product, Rio, easily cinched the first place spot over the weekend with $40 million. For those not keeping track, that makes it the highest-grossing movie so far this year. I guess this means a sequel, Rio 2: Lost in Rio is inevitable.

The rest of the weekend slate didn't do as well, with Scream 4, the 4th entry in the increasingly-pointless Scream series, making just under $20 million for second place. The rest of the top spots were filled by old favorites like Hop and Arthur, with the exception of The Conspirator in 9th place with a $3.9 million gross. Perhaps if Robert Redford had made The Conspirator a CGI kids' comedy about Abraham Toucan getting shot in the head by John Wilkes Orangutan, it would be a different story. (Box Office Mojo)