Because Batman vs. Superman is not only a bad title, but a pretty dumb concept that should only be reserved for Freddies, Jasons, Aliens, and Predators, Warner Bros. has seen the light and appears to be going a different way.

How do we know this? Because a site called Fusible has assembled a list of domain names that appear to have been registered by Warner Bros. is like the TMZ of superhero film rumors.

With out further ado...(Just kidding. A little more ado is necessary. Here's a raccoon in a tuxedo.)

Here are the possible film names. As if they could top what you just saw.

Man Of Steel: Battle The KnightMan Of Steel: Beyond DarknessMan Of Steel: Black Of KnightMan Of Steel: Darkness FallsMan Of Steel: Knight FallsMan Of Steel: Shadow Of The NightMan Of Steel: The Blackest Hour, and Man Of Steel: The Darkness Within