We Have Some Ideas What The Batman Vs. Superman Movie Will REALLY Be Called

Friday, November 22 by
The neighbors hate these fights, because the makeup sex is always SO loud.  

Because Batman vs. Superman is not only a bad title, but a pretty dumb concept that should only be reserved for Freddies, Jasons, Aliens, and Predators, Warner Bros. has seen the light and appears to be going a different way.

How do we know this? Because a site called Fusible has assembled a list of domain names that appear to have been registered by Warner Bros. GoDaddy.com is like the TMZ of superhero film rumors.

With out further ado…(Just kidding. A little more ado is necessary. Here’s a raccoon in a tuxedo.)

Here are the possible film names. As if they could top what you just saw.

Man Of Steel: Battle The KnightMan Of Steel: Beyond DarknessMan Of Steel: Black Of KnightMan Of Steel: Darkness FallsMan Of Steel: Knight FallsMan Of Steel: Shadow Of The NightMan Of Steel: The Blackest Hour, and Man Of Steel: The Darkness Within


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