‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Raises $2.7 Million In 11 Hours On Kickstarter, Gets Greenlight

Thursday, March 14 by
Way to go, gang! 

Nerd outrage is a lot more effective when teh nerds have disposable income. Or so it would seem as the Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie took down $2.7 million in 11 hours from 43,000 people.

My calculator tells me that’s a staggering $63 per benefactor. That’s a lot of nerd-money! “Nerd money” is just like regular money, but just spent on really nerdy things like Veronica Mars movies. Rob Thomas, the series producer, offered a sincere thank you and told the world he was taking the raise international, which I didn’t know was something that had to be done, as I just figured that anyone with an internet connection could give money to Kickstarter.

Maybe Rob Thomas can divert some of these funds to a Party Down film, which would probably cost about $50k and mean more to me personally, which is what the world exists to do: fulfill me.


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