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Television’s ultimate pitchman has passed away. Billy Mays, the charismatic and clamorous infomercial host died in his sleep after sustaining a head injury during a rough plane landing this past weekend. The very likeable Mays is currently co-starring with Anthony Sullivan on the Discovery Channel show Pitchmen. This really is such a shame. It’s always sad to see someone cut down while their star is on the rise. His contributions to the tapestry of television will be sorely missed. (Variety)

And on a side note, can we please put a stop to all of these recent high profile deaths? Keyboard Cat’s paws are gonna fall off at this rate.

Here are some other morning headlines…

GI Joe‘s newest character poster: Scarlett. (Film School Rejects)
Warner Bros announces their Comic Con line-up. (/Film)
Picard and Sisco look-a-likes to open Star Trek restaurant. (io9)
80’s Movie Montages That Make No Damn Sense. (Cracked)
Michael Bay to Megan Fox: I made you. (The Playlist)


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