Things That Run Through My Mind With This Still Of Hugh Jackman In The New ‘Wolverine’

Monday, September 24 by
Wolverine lives for casual fridays.  

The great, great minds behind the upcoming The Wolverine have issued the first still, in case we forgot what he looks like, or if they have decided to tweak the superhero’s style. It would appear at first blush that they haven’t really done too much to the appearance of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, save for ratcheting up the homoerotic appeal of the superhero to about 17 or so, which is high even by superhero standards.

Here’s what I think when I see the photo:

  • He’s in a temple! That’s a place of peace! Put those claws away, Wolverine!
  • There’s a limit to how muscular superheroes can get before they lose their efficacy. At some point, they start to really look like those bodybuilders at the gym, and you just can’t take them seriously any more. Wolverine crossed that line about two movies ago.
  • He doesn’t LOOK like a guy who’s crazy about showtunes.
  • How’s someone from the Pacific Northwest so bronze?
  • I wonder if he’s wearing Lululemon yoga pants. I feel like he should be wearing Lululemon yoga pants.
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