The Mayor Of Rio De Janeiro Is Willing To Pay ‘Whatever It Takes’ To Get Woody Allen To Film There

Monday, August 19 by
Jesus, Woody. We get it. You're hapless. Let's move on.  

This is a weird story. A nation that hasn’t exactly been a stalwart of fiscal responsibility has a prominent mayor reaching out to Woody Allen saying that he’ll pay “100%” of the production costs for get Mr. Allen to film there.

It’s not like a Woody Allen film would be a huge boon to the economy, so I have to guess that Mayor Eduardo Paes is just a fan. It would also be hard for Allen (or his studio) to turn down the offer of having all expenses paid for a film. He could co-direct something with Michael Bay starring Taylor Kitsch!

Anyway, no plans for a film down South America way just yet, and as we all know, Woody Allen is a man of unimpeachable moral fiber, so we’ll see if this tempting offer gets any traction in the coming months/years/decades.

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