The cast of The League said they didn’t care if I attributed their quotes to the right person. I did my best to identify them but there were five of them speaking at once. Obviously I can tell Paul Scheer and Katie Asleton. They were joined by Stephen Rannazzissi, Mark Duplass and Jon Lajoe on the red carpet at the Maxim/FX party at San Diego Comic-Con, supporting the second season DVD and Blu-ray of their show.

Q Paul, you have The League and NTSF: SD: SUV going on. Are you the new Kelly Ripa?

Paul Scheer: Yeah I am Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos together, in a very tight package.

Q: Has Paul become a total diva since he has two shows?

Stephen Rannazzissi: From day one Paul was a diva.

Katie Asleton: I’ve never known him to be anything else.

PS: There are certain things that I need in my life, which is no eye contact and champagne in every glass that I touch.

Q: And FX and Adult Swim can accommodate that?

PS: Yes, combined.

Q: What’s coming up next season?

KA: I’d love to tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

Q: Would you really have to kill me? Wouldn’t maiming me be enough?

KA: Could I just punch you in the face afterwards?

Mark Duplass: Aren’t you already maimed?

PS: We’ll Nell you. We’ll make you like the character Nell from the Jodie Foster movie. We’ll Nell You.

KA: Te. Eh wih nee.

Jon Lajoe: Good movie.

PS: I can tell you a couple of things that are happening. One of the out of town people are coming in. Vince is going to be visiting. My sister will be making an appearance in a Thanksgiving episode. We have a couple football cameos.

KA: And I think Jenny gets a job.

Q: Do you guys have athletes and sports teams pitching you and campaigning to be part of real life fantasy leagues or leagues on the show?

PS: We’ve found that a lot of football players are now really watching the show. It’s so funny, I actually bumped into Lindsey Vonn, the championship skier. Her whole ski team watches it and they are obsessed with the show. They wanted tips and everything like that. So I think a lot of sports people have rallied around the show.

KA: I don’t run into sports people all that often. It’s weird, I don’t run into any pro ballers.

MD: We don’t hang out in locker rooms like Paul does.

PS: Clay Matthews came up to me and he was very excited about wanting to be on the show.

KA: We’ve had some really great guest stars. In the second season we had Chad Ochosinco. We had really amazing guys that actually really want to be on the show.

Q: I’ll admit, I don’t follow sports. At Comic-Con, do you find the fans of your show also follow sports as well?

KA: I think in general our fans are fans of 50/50.

PS: I think one of the cool things about the show, when it originally came out people were assuming it was a show about fantasy football and you need to know or like it. The truth is it’s really just about a bunch of people who have been longtime friends. The only requirement you have to really have is have friends that you really hate. Then you can enjoy the show.

KA: And a husband you love.

SR: That’s true. Or two.

KA: Or two husbands that you love.