The 7 Greatest Stephen King Movie Adaptations

Tuesday, March 6 by
Stephen King 

Stephen King has been churning out creepy tales of murder and terror for decades now. Almost as long, Hollywood has been turning to him for inspiration, and the latest Stephen King work to be adapted is Bag of Bones, hitting DVD on March 13th. In honor of that heart-stoppingly bone-chilling occasion, here are the seven greatest Stephen King movie adaptations.


Brian De Palma is a master of the psychological thriller, so it’s appropriate that he was the first person to bring a Stephen King novel to the screen. And he does it with a flair for genre alchemy, mixing cheesecake, teen comedy, and over-the-top camp in with the horror story about a high school outcast with telekinetic powers. The climactic massacre at the school prom is still one of the most shocking set-pieces ever devised, 36 years later.

The Shining

Stephen King himself wasn’t a fan of the changes Stanley Kubrick made to his novel about a father attacking his family with an axe during a stay at an abandoned (and haunted) hotel. Most movie fans disagree, though, and The Shining has a reputation as one of the best and scariest horror movies ever made.

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