Ah Quentin, always making news. Today it was his decision to cast Eli Roth in the forthcoming remake of Inglorious Bastards. We understand: throw your friends some work. But when you have a chance to fix your career (which is not Death Proof) maybe it's best to set the nepotism aside. So to commemorate the man, we thought we would recap a little bit of the bizzarness that is Tarantino by looking at some of the strangest moments of his existence ever recorded on video.

1. “If that was off, I’d be whooping your ass up and down this street”


There’s nothing strange about smacking the Paps. If I was famous, I would probably treat them like human slapping bags. This one is particularly fun because of the way that Quentin’s attitude changes when the guy asks to be hit.  He almost gets friendly.

2. You Play With Matches, You Get Burned

Quentin Taratino Spits On A Reporter - Watch more free videos

It's one thing to hit a reporter. But spitting on someone ain’t the same ballpark. It ain’t the same league, it aint even the same fucking sport.  And seriously, the man needs to learn how to spit if he’s going to do this again.

3. Menopause is a Bitch

Tarantino Wants Your Kids to see Kill Bill - Watch more free videos

I think one of the greatest things on the planet is when reporters cop an attitude of moral superiority, like when Bill O’Reilly tells someone how to raise their children. It drives me crazy. It drives me more crazier if they are wearing a stupid hat. The great part about this one is that Quentin is right.


4. Reservoir Frogs

Speaking of the weird line between what is appropriate for children, and what is definitely for adults, here’s Tarantino pitching to Kermit. 


5 High School is Just for People Without A Better Plan

For our younger audience, take heed of this advice: High School is only required if you don’t have a better idea of what to do with your life.  Like for instance, say you want to go to jail and then live at your mom’s house well into your forties?  That counts as a plan. Class dismissed.


6. Worst. Interview. Ever.

This is an Interview of Quentin done in a stock car by a guy that sounds like Will Ferrell’s version of Harry Caray.  Also, I don’t think they can actually hear each other because the questions and responses don’t really match. Either way, it's totally awesome.

7. Blackmail vs. Black Male

“Ok, so what we want to do for Tyra’s show today is have a guy with a foot fetish who is famous for making really violent movies judge a beauty contest. Start making calls and see who’s available.”

8. Ride Em…Cowboy?

Remember when you were one and a half years old and your parents would applaud when you managed not to dump in your pants or eat pages out of the dictionary? Well, being famous is basically like being an infant: you do stupid, easy things and everyone claps for you.

9. Hot Fudge Love

Here’s yet another example of famous mediocrity being awarded by genuine applause. It’s like the special Olympics. But way less heartbreak.

10. Lest Ye Be Judged

Not only do celebrities get clapped for when they manage to not crap their pants, they are given a pass to rip the shit out of people who are far from shitting their pants.  Does Quentin think he's Simon? And when I watched this all I could thing was “One of these things is not like the other.” You are a millionaire. Pay a gay dude to buy you better shirts.

11. On Why Top Gun is Totally, Totally Gay

Ok, this is more like a bonus clip, because it doesn’t really have anything to do with Quentin being bizarre. But seriously, I’m now convinced that Top Gun is the Gayest Movie Ever.


Screenjunkies salutes Quentin! Keep up the weirdness sir.