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Head over to The Playlist to read the track listing for Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds soundtrack.  It’s got more Morricone music than a Spaghetti Western marathon.  BUT!  None of the Oscar-winner’s tracks were recorded for Basterds. Sounds like Quentin’s pulling another Kill Bill with this record and finding places to fit classical Morricone cues into a brand new film.  Worked well enough for me the last time around; I’ve still got the Kill Bill soundtracks in heavy rotation.  Except for the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Sound effects.  Those don’t go over too well at house parties.

Let’s see… what else?  Oh yeah:

Patricia Silveira Is A Hottie (SickPigs)

Kevin Smith And The Bong Of Tears (FilmDrunk)

Rachel Nichols Is Sexy (Manofest)

Cowabunga! (Pajiba)

Jenna Brooke Is Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)

This Is The Coolest Tombstone You’ll Ever See (IAmBored)

5 Junk Piles That Actually Were Something (Cracked)

Trailer for Looking For Eric (Filmofilia)

DVD Art For The Mutant Chronicles (DreadCentral)

10 Letters From Satan (Holytaco)

Ben Dover To Comment On Financial News (BustedCoverage)

A Girl Named Aerin Is Smoking Hot (Uncoached)

THe Road Trailer (Unreality)


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