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Wednesday, April 29 by

Michael Bay and McG have been feuding these last few months over who’s robot movie will rul the box office this summer. But now /film reports that McG has taken it to a new level. He wants to measure one another’s ding-dongs in a public forum. Really, McG?? I expect that kind of thing from Brett Ratner but not from you.

Reached for comment, Bay responded, "My boom stick is legendary. Sometimes I use it to floor the accelerator on my Hummer. Talk about horse power! BOOM!"

Transformers 2 trailer leaks online and probably on John Turturro as well. (Cinematical)

Steve Carrell is being blackmailed. (Cinema Blend)

You will not be laughing at Marlon Wayans on purpose this time around. (Latino Review)

Ridley Scott is out of ideas. (IESB)

Expendables set footage. (Empire)

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