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This one’s kind of out of left field but there are rumors over at Daily Stab that Hollywood is interested in bringing the life of Billy Mays to the big screen. You can and should take this one with a grain of salt. I’m taking it with an entire shaker. Steve Carell is being looked at to play the lead with Owen Wilson in consideration for the role of his best friend, Anthony Sullivan. No word yet on who is playing the Sham Wow Guy but my money’s on Danny Glover. That and Nelson Mandela are the roles he was born to play.

Take a gander at these news links…

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Couple’s Retreat trailer. (First Showing)
Matt Damon’s The Informant trailer. (Apple)
How To Determine Your Favorite Summer Blockbuster. (Holy Taco)
Chris Klein is an ACTOR. (Latino Review)



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